UTK Technology Announces Limited Time Discounts for the Amazon Prime Day

The popular, infrared heating pad manufacturing company, UTK Technology, announced an Amazon Prime Day Limited Time Discount on 4 of its products.

UTK Technology is a far-infrared heating pad manufacturing company. Their infrared heating pads are FDA registered as medical devices in Class II. They provide advanced heating pad products that combine various therapy techniques like negative ions, photon light, far-infrared (FIR), and magnetic therapy. 

UTK Technology announced the Amazon Prime Day Limited Time Discount Event for four of its products.

Product 1: 

Limited Time Offer UTK Jade Waist Heating Pad 

This practical, safe, long-lasting, and deeply penetrating therapeutic heating pad helps deal with waist pain due to cramps and other health issues. It has jade, tourmaline, far-infrared heat, and negative ions.

Original Price: $79.99 

Lightning Price: $63.99 

Time: July 12, 2:35 PDT-July 12, 14:35 PDT (Pacific Time) 


Product 2: 

Limited Time Offer  UTK DC Neck Shoulder Heating Pad 

This heating pad is made using jade and tourmaline stones. It has auto shut-off and temperature adjusting functions. The ergonomic design helps in providing great support for the shoulders and neck.

Original Price: Original Price: $210 

Lightning Price: $159.91 

Time: July 12, 10:55 PDT-July 12, 22:55 PDT (Pacific Time) 


Product 3: 

Limited Time Offer  UTK Jade Medium Heating Pad (21”x31”) 

Compared to a normal traditional electric heating pad, the far-infrared heating pad of UTK has 126 pieces of natural stone as its base material. The negative ions in the heating pads penetrate better into the skin, providing longer and lasting infrared heating, a better heating effect, and working on a larger area.

Original Price: Original Price: $169.99 

Lightning Price: $144.48 

Time: July 13, 00:35 PDT-July 13, 12:35 PDT (Pacific Time) 

Product link: 


Product 4: 

Limited Time Offer UTK Small Pro Heating Pad (23.5” X16”) 

This small heating pad is perfect for the upper and lower back, abdomen, legs, and any part of the body. It gives benefits of a weighted blanket to help soothe the user’s mind and calm their body. The preferred settings are stored in the memory for quick access. It also comes with a carrying bag.

Original Price: Original Price: $139 

Lightning Price: $118.14 

Time: July 13, 7:15 PDT-July 13, 19:15 PDT (Pacific Time) 


UTK Technology guarantees the highest and latest technology for developing the heating pads. Even the materials used in manufacturing them are the best quality ones. Negative ions, far-infrared rays, and natural stones are used in the heating pads to provide maximum healing. The pads have been tested to have the highest concentration of far-infrared rays and negative ions. All the heating pads manufactured at UTK are EMF and radiation-free.

About UTK Technology

UTK with its advanced and user-friendly health products are making living a healthy lifestyle accessible and affordable to everyone. UTK heating pad combines Hot Stone Therapy, Far Infrared Therapy, Negative Ions Therapy & Photon Light Therapy to reduce aching, inflamed muscles, and relieve pain, which will give users a tremendous wellness-boosting experience.

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