Tylersport, PA — (SBWIRE) — 01/05/2022 — No matter how careful employees are, accidents can happen in a split second. One simple accident could result in claims a small janitorial business would not be able to afford. Whether a client slips on a freshly mopped floor or an employee drops chemicals onto a wooden surface while cleaning, general liability insurance could protect the cleaning business from sinking under expensive claims. USMC Insurance shares the importance of janitorial businesses having commercial general liability coverage.

General liability insurance provides protection against customer injury, property damage, and advertising injury. Lawsuits are expensive, and it’s not uncommon for a small business to be unable to cover attorney costs or settlement fees on its own. General liability coverage helps privately-owned companies handle these costs. It can also allow the business to qualify for various leases and contracts.

Because this type of insurance covers the most basic business risks, such as client injury, general liability insurance is often the policy businesses like cleaning companies sign up for first. In the event a customer trips over cleaning equipment while an employee is working, the policy will help the janitorial company pay for third-party medical bills, lawyer fees, and settlements. If an employee breaks a client’s equipment while cleaning their office, the insurance will help pay for the repair costs and any potential attorney fees and legal expenses. Finally, the insurance coverage includes accidental advertising injuries, such as copying another janitorial business’s logo.

While it’s not possible to predict when accidents will happen, cleaning companies can protect their businesses from serious fallout by having small business liability coverage tailored to their needs. USMC Insurance strongly suggests owners of janitorial companies purchase general liability insurance immediately. Having the policy in their back pocket could mean the difference between surviving the incident and having to shut their doors for good.

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