Use Sun Fusion’s Much-in-Demand UES System to Power All the Electric Items at Home in a Time of Blackout


28th December, 2021 – The leading energy storage system manufacturer of California, SunFusion has now turned global. Walter Ellard, the owner and CEO plus the developer of the ECHO system and ECHO 2.0, along with his energetic and enthusiastic team has done the wonders leaving behind all the biggies – Tesla, Sonnen and LG Chem. Even SunFusion’s systems are rated quite high than Tesla’s powerwall 2, which once ruled the market.

USA-made manufacturer of energy storage systems SunFusion energy systems includes battery cells, DC to AC inverters, solar charge controllers (if need be), strong structural frames and above all they do not require any kind of solar panel installation. The customizable systems available at SunFusion Energy Systems Inc. such as Echo 3T, 4T and 5T models are manufactured to fit the customers’ needs. The company has just bagged its newest UL listing for the Echo 2.0.

SunFusion’s UES (Uninterrupted Energy Supply) System

The importance of its UES system is that what it alone does, several units of the competitors together do. In short, SunFusion’s UES can perform 3 to 4 times more than its competitors’ systems. The UES system provides a minimum of 9000 watts of power output meaning that in a situation of a power cut or blackout, you can power the lights of your entire home and general receptacles. It will lighten up your entire home for several hours, which you can hardly find with Tesla, LG Chem, or Sonnen GmbH.

If we talk only about Tesla, which happens to be the biggest competitor of SunFusion, their powerwall (the much-in-demand system of Tesla) is only sold to those customers who need solar installation. The biggest drawback of Tesla is that you have to wait for more than a year. The market has also witnessed a big price hike in Tesla’s products. The recent power outages in California and Texas have raised the demand for UES systems resulting in giant sales of SunFusion’s systems. SunFusion Energy Systems Inc. tries to be steady with its economical prices.

Another importance of the UES system, that surpasses it from its competitors, is that you can turn on a 1000 watts microwave (for more than 14 hours) including lights, freezers, refrigerators, internet, gate opener, garage door opener, hot water, TV cable, well pumps and above all air conditioner. Can anyone find this fantastic and most lucrative facility with others? Obviously not at all.

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