Urban Leaf Introduced the Microgreens Starter Growing Kit

Urban Leaf
Urban Leaf has introduced the Microgreens starter growing kit to help grow indoor garden in this busy urban lifestyle.

Now people get the chance to grow their greens indoor and use those for elevating food to an all-new level. This is one way to enjoy gardening and growing greens at the same time, from the comfort of the house.

Microgreens are considered to be the easiest way to add some of the nutrient-packed greens into the busy city lifestyle. These starter kits are highly suitable to be used all around the year and even during the winter seasons. Any kind of indoor growing climate will do. With minimal maintenance requirement and care, these microgreens are made suitable for all experience levels, even if the buyer has no clue how to maintain the starter kits.

This kit can be added as your windowsill-grown greens and can also be used for flavoring the food items. Users will get desired results roughly after 7 to 10 days of the proper setup plan. Another best part about Urban Leaf is that it offers 100% organic refilling options in both bundles and also in a-la-carte. The rate is as little at $0.83 per harvest, which is pretty cheap to say the least.

The leading person of this company once said, β€œThere are various qualities of homegrown microgreens, which will come together under the blanket called super food. First of all, these microgreens are super healthy as they are nutrient-dense. So, they are noted to be concentrated sources of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. When compared to adult counterparts, these microgreens are subject to have 40 times more vitamins and with a broader antioxidant spectrum.”

Microgreens can be eaten raw, which will help to retain their nutrients as high cooking heat can destroy vitamins, phyto-nutrients and enzymes. When these microgreens are homegrown, they are likely to be more fresh than usual. So, whenever the plant gets harvested, it will start to lose the nutrients. But, while harvesting moments before eating, it ensures that people are getting all the nutrients of living plant.

Apart from the microgreens starter kit, Urban Leaf also provide its customers with culinary classic bottle garden kit, herb starter kit, culinary garden trip kit and more. For details, people can visit the official website at https://www.geturbanleaf.com/ and visit the shop section to learn more. Their official number at 1 (347) 395-6356 is always available for a call.

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