Upshift Provides Flexible Employment Targeting San Antonio Residents

Upshift is excited to announce a new approach to employment in the fast-growing labor market in the San Antonio region. Being a thriving environment of start-ups and other innovative businesses, the need for more flexible employment opportunities is on the rise. Upshift has taken on this issue and is looking to fill these employment voids with a local workforce of millennials, moms, and other skilled, educated individuals.

To further meet the incredibly demanding goal, Upshift is taking work flexibility, the workforce’s main concern, into account. Even though job growth in San Antonio has declined by 4.7% the overall outlook over the last 10 years has been positive (15.2% growth). This analysis implies that there is more potential for the labor market than what is currently demonstrated.

Thus, the idea behind Upshift’s expansion into San Antonio is to provide skilled individuals with job opportunities and make flexible employment more accessible. Besides, a flexible work environment is becoming increasingly desirable and is seen as a means to attain the right work-life balance. According to a spokesperson from the staffing platform, “San Antonio offers the right environment for both business owners and employees alike.

“We know that people want to spend time with their families and pursue their interests while finding fulfillment at work. Our goal is to give them such that reality.” With Upshift’s initiative, workers can decide when to work and still enjoy the benefits that come with the traditional 9-to-5 schedule, including access to healthcare services. With flexibly productive and convenient employment on the menu, the overall success of the labor market is set to be impressive.

Becoming an Upshifter on the platform comes with prerequisites. As generally required, applicants should have a good work ethic, strong attention to detail, a positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and a genuine interest in the position for which such individuals are applying. Skillset and experience also come in handy. Once in place, interested parties can commence applications on the Upshift website. This stage entails taking a personality test and then an orientation, the latter being at the company’s office.

All selected and approved candidates are provided access to the platform’s full features, which include thousands of flexible job postings within the city. As a means of ensuring that slots are open to all persons, Upshift doesn’t charge a fee. Plus is that there is no minimum working hour requirement to start earning on the platform. In the words of the company’s spokesperson, “you can make extra cash or you can get a full-time position that will provide you with a flexible schedule. The choice is yours!”

About Upshift San Antonio

Upshift is a full-service, technology-driven staffing platform. In business since 2016, the platform provides flexible employment opportunities for the skilled, technical and non-technical professionals living in San Antonio, Texas, and the surrounding region. Upshift hires such individuals in the following industry: catering and events, hotels and foodservice, warehousing and manufacturing, and administration. With the company’s business model in view, members are able to find the right work-life balance and still enjoy the perks of full-time, standard employment.

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