Upshift Offers Kansas City Residents Seeking Employment Exceptional Flexibility

Upshift, a technology-based staffing platform, is now open for business in the Kansas City area and is offering residents part-time and flexible full-time job offers. With the COVID-19 aftermath in view, the company believes that the job market landscape will only continue to change in the coming months and years. Thus, there is a platform to assist many affected persons by providing flexible work schedules that can assist such individuals to get back on track.

“We are excited to expand our service area to the metro-Kansas City area,” said a spokesperson. “We pride ourselves on finding unique opportunities for candidates with different needs, finding the right job for everyone who walks through our doors.” By focusing on building strong relationships with local employers and offering high-quality workers the platform to tap into the job marketplace, Upshiftgarnered a reputation in the industry. As one example, only 12% of applicants are approved by vetting to work for select companies due to the quality of the company’s workforce.

The target audience for Upshifters encapsulates people from all walks of life, from entrepreneurs to moms. Individuals who want full-time work but have other commitments will find Upshift’s wide variety of roles and network schedule-friendly. The same thing applies to working mothers who want to re-enter the workforce after taking time off to raise a family or students who need supplemental income to pursue higher education.

Applying for Upshiftis straightforward as the first step requires submitting an application and undergoing a personality test. After complete the application, the staffing platform invites the applicant for onboarding. Once onboarded, the candidate gains access to all recruiting features, which are available on Upshift’s mobile application. Within the app are tons of advertised positions are available, based on individual specialty, availability, and expertise.

Upshifters can apply for any position of interest within the app, get hired, and work on personally defined terms. By working with Upshift, skilled workers can build strong portfolios via clients’ reviews to attract higher-paying jobs. The company processes direct depositson Fridays, but payment is also possible on a daily basis thoughUpshifters must work consistently on the platform for two weeks to access this.

Upshift believes that flexible work schedules (part-time or full-time) can enhance people’s lives and foster positive social transformation. By providing these opportunities, such individuals can find fulfilling employment, whether in administration, warehousing, or catering.

About Upshift Kansas City

Upshift is a full-service staffing platform that connects local employers with candidates with adequate experience and qualifications for administrative, sales, and professional positions in a variety of industries. Founded in 2016 and backed by Recruit Holdings (Parent company of and the company is committed to offering unique and customized staffing services that are perfect for candidates who need short-term or full-time positions. Upshift’s business model benefits not only applicants but also hiring companies. By supplying local employers with quality talent, the platform allows such corporate entities to compete effectively in today’s market.

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