Upcoming Seven J Release Aims to Inspire, Empower Black Youth

While inspiring youth to dare to DreamCrazy, the artist raises awareness for the trailblazing NFT project of the same name.

Jacksonville, FL — (ReleaseWire) — 02/25/2022 — Every song has a message, but not always a purpose.

For the award-winning artist and EVAC Movement co-founder Seven J, finding a way to support the song’s namesake, the DreamCrazy JITS NFT collection, while also inspiring youth to #DreamCrazy, was more than an ambition, it was his purpose.

“I wrote DreamCrazy JITS to show that the path out of the struggle is to #DreamCrazy, no matter how hopeless your situation may seem,” Seven J said.

But DreamCrazy JITS, which drops February 25th on all music streaming platforms, is also an anthem for the DreamCrazy JITS NFT collection. A trailblazer in decentralizing the fight for equity and empowerment, this generative, Black youth-developed collection engages NFT-holders in a social justice movement to empower youth everywhere to become at-HOPE instead of “at-risk”, transforming their life challenges into superpowers for positive change.

The message of the song and the NFT project is especially powerful as they both arrive to wrap-up Black History Month.

“It’s a time to look up and back at those who came before, as we continue the work to build a better future,” Seven J said. “DreamCrazyJITS is a rallying cry for people to come together, hear each other, and learn from the sharing.”

A full 50% of the profits from both the song and the DreamCrazy JITS NFT collection will go to the EVAC Movement, an organization Seven J co-founded and has been proud to support.

The EVAC Movement began in a high school leadership class in Jacksonville, FL – hence the term JITS, from the local colloquial for someone younger – where students learned the value of sharing their life stories in an effort to create understanding. Making a list of their “craziest” dreams led them to meet with President Obama and present at the White House, TEDx (tinyurl.com/EvacTedTalk) and four times at Harvard University. They designed the DreamCrazy JITS NFT with a roadmap aimed at empowering other youth to dare to dream big, too – this time powered with the support of the vibrant NFT community.

“I grew up in an environment where kids didn’t have the capacity to dream,” said Nick Shubert, another EVAC Movement co-founder. “Survival was the only thing on our minds. We want to nurture and grow kids’ ability to dream.”

“Our biggest dream is that kids everywhere grow up with the freedom to pursue their craziest dreams,” Seven J said. “It’s my mission to make that ideal a reality, and the DreamCrazy JITS NFT and community will do just that,” he continued.

NFT and Hollywood film producer John Manulis added, “You’re not just buying a one-of-a-kind piece of art, you’re actively making a difference by investing in positive change in the communities that need it the most. The funds from this NFT could mean a brighter future for countless youth and generations to come.”

Public sale of the DreamCrazy JITS NFTs is expected to open soon, with the collection’s exclusive Pre-Sale List, which authorizes purchase before the public sale, already filling rapidly. For the initial drop, the price per NFT is expected to be between .05 and .1 ETH.

Seven J encouraged everyone to “sign-up on the Pre-Sale List as soon as possible…it’s the only way to guarantee you’ll get one before the collection opens to the public.”

As part of supporting the mission of the EVAC Movement, rewards will be unlocked by the producers as the NFT’s sales goals are met.

* 10 % – They take their moms to Ruth Chris. “Seriously, this is where it all started, so we’re starting by thanking them.”
* 20 % – They purchase a screen print machine to produce “I Am Not A Gang Member” hoodies for low-income Jits who need clothing in their home town of Jacksonville.
* 40 % – They airdrop a “super-cool and rare JIT” into the wallets of three random DCJ-holders.
* 50 % – They launch an online, national conversation to help empower youth everywhere.
* 60 % – Special DreamCrazy JIT merch will become available to NFT-holders
* 70 % – With community support, they bring the EVAC Movement into the classroom in at least three schools around the country, as a pilot program for a broader national rollout.
* 80 % – They make donations to ten non-profits, who are doing great work to empower at-HOPE youth in communities across the country.
* 90 % – They develop a gamified initiative to engage and educate youth about crypto and NFTs.
* 100 % – An in-person and virtual DreamCrazy JITs Houseparty is anticipated.

Then, they say “we’ll dream up a crazier list!”

For more about the Dreamcrazy JITS NFT visit http://dreamcrazyjits.com

You can sign-up for the DreamCrazyJITS exclusive Pre-sale List (https://www.premint.xyz/dreamcrazy-jits/), and become part of its community for change on Twitter (www.twitter.com/DreamCrazyJITS) and Discord (https://discord.com/invite/kJUEWHesDV)

For more about Seven J visit his homepage on https://linktr.ee/SevenJ_SJM. Seven J also maintains pages on a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the profile name @SevenJ_SJM.

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