Universal’s Global Travel Network Is Unrivaled

Traveling around the world is a beautiful dream in everyone’s heart. Travelers enjoy sharing good or bad travel experiences with others. Universal provides a platform for tourists to share experiences and communicate with operators. Through reviews, on the one hand, helps more travelers have a more secure journey, and on the other hand, it promotes tourism practitioners to continuously improve from the feedback of tourists and provide better services. It is no exaggeration to say that Universal has driven the development of the entire travel industry since its inception.

Universal Vision is the world’s leading travel website developer and one of the largest tour operators and wholesale travel agencies in North America, covering more than 40 US states with 10 regional branches: Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami and Cancun, Mexico. As the world’s leading travel website, Universal Vision mainly provides reviews and recommendations from global travelers, covering hotels, attractions, restaurants, airlines, as well as travel planning and booking functions around the world.

The Universal Vision team impresses every customer with their enthusiastic working attitude and professional travel itinerary planning. The purpose of Universal Vision is to provide users with the highest quality travel products and the highest quality services, combining the professional knowledge and enthusiasm of the team to provide different users with exclusive designs and distinctive products, so that every travel of customers is full of authenticity Discovery and unique experiences.

Universal is not only a platform, it is also an ecological interactive system that closely links all users through its industry chain. Since its launch, Universal Vision has successfully integrated high-tech industries and traditional tourism industries, providing more than 57 million members with a full range of travel services including hotel reservations, air ticket reservations, vacation reservations, business travel management, preferential merchants, and travel. And in-depth cooperation with major hotels and tourism industries around the world to provide them with publicity, traffic, and promotion services, to generate corresponding profits for the platform and members, and achieve the purpose of mutual benefit and win-win. Large-scale operations can not only provide members with more high-quality travel options but also ensure the standardization of services, thereby ensuring service quality and reducing operating costs.

On September 10, 2021, Universal and The World Bank announced a strategic partnership and expanded global cooperation, including the establishment of a joint venture, a global content agreement, and a corporate governance agreement. As a partner of the World Bank, Universal has always been committed to providing users with the simplest, most efficient, and convenient currency exchange services, and promoting local cultural and economic development through the promotion of tourism business.

At present, to accelerate the expansion of the South American market, Universal Vision and its Universal App have formed a very large-scale global tourism community. Through the two-tier management mode of the system MyEclipse6.5 MySql5.1 database, the automatic matching network is realized. Book travel tickets and management, realize the convenience of booking tickets at home, and aim to help global travelers plan and book itineraries and enjoy a high-quality travel experience. Universal has received strong support from the local government. This special service is the first in the industry to promote it. Facts have proved that this initiative has a key role in promoting the local economy. Given the previous success stories, the senior decision-makers of Universal South America decided through the meeting to increase the support for regional agents in the campaign in early 2022, A promotion fund of 200 million will be allocated from the Universal Fund for promotion incentives for agents and agency teams working in the first-line regions.

At the same time, to better serve the self-service outbound tourists in South America in the future, Universal will continue to strengthen cooperation with high-quality brands inside and outside the tourism industry, at present, it has cooperated with Air New Zealand, Tourism Australia, Nordic Tourism, Swiss Air, Swiss Railway, South Africa Tourism, car brands MINI Cooper, LYNK&CO, e-reader Amazon Kindle, outdoor clothing brand Columbia, Didi Car Rental, China Merchants Bank, UnionPay, and other high-quality brands to establish in-depth cooperation to build a tourism ecosystem.

Universal breaks the traditional way of working. Through a powerful intelligent push engine and settlement system, ordinary users can work and earn money anytime, anywhere with just a smartphone, as long as they complete simple tasks in their spare time through Universal’s world-leading travel network, It is the best re-employment platform to start a side business and increase a second income for yourself!

According to the latest statistics, there are already more than 5 million users using Universal, The platform’s three-year plan for 2022-2025 is to increase the number of registered users in South America and the Middle East to 30 million, Cover 50% of the South American market in 2 years. Let the annual income of more than one million agents exceed one million and realize real wealth freedom. Now join the ranks of Universal agent promotion with us, and let Universal change the trajectory of your life.

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