United States in Need of Further Lithium Production

Interest in lithium has exploded in recent years because of its use in rechargeable batteries for electric and hybrid cars, lawnmowers, power tools and more. Lithium batteries also power laptops and cell phones.

Lithium reserves are for the most part, distributed widely across the globe, however the U.S. is home to just one active lithium mine today, located in the deserts Nevada. This sole mine is not producing anywhere near the amount of Lithium needed to accommodate the population.

โ€œNobody really foresaw this huge spike in demand,โ€ said Victor Ayala, Executive Vice Chairman of L.T. Extraction Works. โ€œThe U.S owned the lithium space for a very long time, and now they have forfeited and handed their stake to China.โ€

โ€œThey will need to start ramping up production.โ€ Ayala continued, โ€œand ramping up in a big way right now or face being out of the lithium race completely.โ€

Ayala expressed that he doesnโ€™t see that demand is going to ease up any time soon. โ€œWorldwide demand for lithium was about 350,000 tons (317,517 metric tons) in 2020, now we have industry estimates projecting demand will be up to six times greater in the next 7 to 8 years, this puts us in a very competitive position moving forward towards 2030.โ€

Lithium mining projects can also represent a challenge for environmentalists because they carry the promise of decarbonization in exchange for heavy impacts on ecosystems and local communities. Lithium mining could jeopardize water quality and ranching in some states.

โ€œThe big challenge for the U.S is making sure lithium mines are located in places where they do the least amount of damage to the environment,โ€ said Ayala when asked further. โ€œLithium mining could jeopardize water quality and ranching in some states if not properly maintained.โ€

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