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Devastating home/property damage has struck Kentucky due to the latest tornado. The tornado struck many towns in the state, where it was especially destructive to Mayfield, Kentucky. Due to this tornado damage, Kentucky has been faced with a tremendous amount of property damage, and tornado claim disputes are abundant. The tornado insurance claims are needed to allow homeowners the financial capabilities to rebuild their destroyed properties. The team of UPA public adjusters are sad to hear about the news and offer a helping hand to anyone who may be filing a tornado insurance claim. Any homeowner who has an insurance policy should reach out to us, and we will aid you in the process of filing a tornado insurance claim. Our team of professional public adjusters will assess your property damage, either through in-person assessment, or online through our iClaim app. It is important to take photos of the tornado damage that was caused to all aspects of the property so that they can be filed for tornado claims with the insurance company. After the damage is assessed, we will manage the insurance claim, and aid you in maximizing your policy coverage. Tornado damage claims are covered under most standard insurance policies. Our position in the insurance claim would be to serve as a “tornado claim lawyer” by advocating for the policyholder and doing our best to get you the money that you are entitled to. UPA public adjusters work on a contingency basis, thus the policyholder will have to pay no money out of pocket. This provides the policyholder with a greater sense of financial security and trust in using a UPA public adjuster to advocate for them in their times of distress and get them the money that they deserve for their tornado damage insurance claim.

United Public Adjusters is America’s first and only non-profit public adjusting firm. Their mission is to provide support for those who are affected by storms, such as those in Mayfield, Kentucky. UPA public adjusters will provide non-profit aid to those who have been harmed by the recent tornado and strive to help the communities of the tornado storm. Tornado claims are necessary to file with the policyholder’s insurance company, so that the homeowner can receive adequate financial compensation for their policy coverage and rebuild their home. By using UPA, we offer our clients a secure, non-profit experience in which we serve the homeowner to maximize their policy coverage. Tornado insurance claims are crucial considering the damage that has been done to Mayfield, Kentucky and the accompanying states hit by the recent tornado. File tornado claims with a UPA public adjuster to help you receive the best outcome in your tornado damage claim.

Company Background:

United Public Adjusters is a group of licensed public adjusters committed to supporting the community by maximizing policy coverage and securing the payments that people are eligible to. The firm’s headquarters is situated in Seaside, New Jersey. They began serving the New York/Philadelphia area and have since grown to support the entire country. Their aim is to defend and advocate for clients who are pursuing insurance claims. They function similarly to an attorney and may be called a “tornado claim lawyer” regarding the recent tornado storm. UPA public adjusters dispute the insurance company and enhance the coverage of an insurance policy so that the policyholder collects the money they are owed. In most jurisdictions, UPA public adjusters work on a contingency basis, which corresponds to the extra money that they advocate for and obtain from the insurance company, money that the policyholder would not have received otherwise. Many people are completely uninformed that they are entitled to money under their insurance coverage, and more money than ever is needed in repairing the damages caused by recent tornado storms.

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With the iClaim app, you may get a free inspection at any moment. Our Emergency Response Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accept your call or examine your iClaim insurance claim. We can aid you with public adjusting whenever you require it; we are always willing to assist! Contact us right away for additional information about public adjusting for your insurance claim, as well as updates on the debut of our iClaim app!

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