UNDOR Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Innovative EV Garage Charging Cable Solution

This new product will allow homeowners to safely run charging cables, cords, and hoses underneath their garage doors while they are closed.

July 21, 2022 – UNDOR is delighted to announce the launch of an Indiegogo campaign for its new innovative solution designed to address the unique charging needs of homeowners with electric vehicles. The company’s new cord protector device gives homeowners the flexibility to charge their electric vehicles outside their garages without having to leave the garage door open or crush the charging cable.

Although garages were designed to house cars at home, the reality is that some cannot park inside, due to space limitations or other reasons. Especially in houses without backyard sheds or a basement, the garage usually ends up being used as a store room with the cars parked outside.

With many homeowners opting to install their level 2 charging stations (ESVE) inside their garage, this presents a novel problem for EV drivers. How do you safely get your charging cable from inside your garage, outside to your EV? To achieve this, many homeowners are being forced to charge their cars in the driveway with the garage doors wide open or make permanent modifications to their home. 

However, thanks to UNDOR, homeowners can now safely run charging cables, cords, and hoses out of their garages while the doors remain tightly closed. This new simple yet innovative garage cable protector gives homeowners the flexibility of using their garages however they please.

“UNDOR was born out of a very real need. I got my first EV late last year and quickly realized that there wasn’t a really good way to get my charging cable under my garage door. Like many people, I can’t park in my garage, and what started as an internet search has turned into a new family business. I’m really proud of what my Dad and I have created together.” – Richard Cook, Co-Founder.

Designed to seamlessly integrate cables and cords into the garage without affecting the regular style of use, UNDOR is installed at the corners of the garage door, eliminating the possibility of tripping or interrupting the flow of travel. In addition to not getting in the way, the device also serves as an  EV charging cable protector that protects the cords and cables from the weight of the garaged door, extending their lifespan and eliminating possible damage to the electrical cables. UNDOR will also accommodate most standard residential garden hoses.

“We’re so excited to bring UNDOR to market and help more people make the switch to EVs painless and convenient. UNDOR really is the best way to get your cables safely under your garage door, and we can’t wait to see it installed in garages across North America” – Chris Cook, Co-Founder

With plans for large-scale manufacturing in Canada, UNDOR believes in supporting local businesses and is committed to sourcing materials from local companies throughout North America wherever possible. People who support this campaign won’t only be backing a family-run start-up, but will also save with exclusive, limited-time early bird pricing.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHASwQ9AEoc

To support this project or learn more about the innovative solution please reach out to UNDOR via the contact info below.

Media Contact
Company Name: UNDOR Garage
Contact Person: Richard Cook
Email: Send Email
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Website: https://undorgarage.com/

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