Uncommon Redesigns Creates a New Division – Local Artistry Gallery

Virginia Beach-based art studio, Uncommon Redesigns, announces the launch of Local Artistry Gallery, a new division to promote the works of local artists

It is looking like good times for art lovers in and around Virginia Beach as an innovative art studio, Uncommon Redesigns, announces the creation of Local Artistry Gallery. The new division of the art studio, which will be officially opened on Saturday, March 26h, will showcase pieces from local artists, helping them to gain exposure and sell their works to a larger audience.

The demand for art has continued to increase over the years, even as thousands of artists from different parts of the world emerge to meet the growing and diverse needs of art lovers. One of the major challenges faced by artists in different parts of the world is connecting with their target audience, especially as many of the seemingly big galleries only exhibit works from big names. The situation is not particularly different in Virginia and other parts of the United States, which is where the team at Uncommon Redesigns seeks to change the narrative with the creation of the Local Artistry Gallery.

The new division will open on Saturday, March 26th at 6:30 pm, marking the beginning of a new era for local artists in the Hampton Roads area. In addition to getting the needed exposure to reach a wider audience, artists, irrespective of their style, also get to exhibit their works without paying a dime. However, Uncommon Redesigns and Local Artistry Gallery charge a dollar for every art piece sold, irrespective of the value. Artists get to enjoy the best of both worlds – relative affordability and improved presence, to grow their career and portfolio.

The Local Artistry Gallery will also help bring out the creativity of the locals in Virginia who have hitherto struggled to showcase their ingenuity to the world. The opening will feature arts that have been submitted to the gallery, many of which were made at the beginning of the pandemic during the lockdown.

For further information about the new opening and other projects from Uncommon Redesigns and Local Artistry Gallery, visit – www.uncommonredesigns.com.

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