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We are delighted to announce the redesign of our company website. Visit Technovole to unbox our brand-new website, our redesign focuses on the following areas of improvement: page load speed, user friendliness and the overall browsing experience. We are thrilled to formally announce its debut on September 10, 2022, after more than one month of demanding work from our dedicated staff who worked day and night to create recreate everything from scratch.

What’s NEW on our website?

As a leader in information, communications, and technology, we must make information about our solutions, product features, and services readily available to current and prospective clients. On that note, the homepage of our website now has this useful information, including how we have assisted many clients across a wide range of industries in creating value.

Domain Portfolio Management and Cloud hosting is now available on the website with the entire process now fully automated. This service enables businesses to use technology to uncover the value of brand protection and to leverage cloud solutions in running daily business operations. You can find the service here.

COVID-19 is PUSH not a PULL

Even with COVID-19 still plaguing the world and with much still uncertain, we believe that it has had a beneficial effect on fast tracking technology adoption and digital transformation amongst businesses. We are no exception to that rule and have now adopted cloud technology in the day to day running of our business. This makes us optimistic as a company on the future of the adoption of our services as they provide great value to our clients.

Finally, we now provide consultation and information for companies looking to develop their next big project. You can always contact us for a free consultation or utilize our new website to search for the information you need. Our intention is to help your business grow.

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