UCC INDU GmbH Can Alleviate Your IC Shortage Affects


UCC INDU is the credible leading distributor for electronic components in commercial and industrial segments. We focus on customer needs and bring them quality products fast. We are flexible and quick to respond to customer requirements or any market changes. We stick to providing qualified products, keep learning for the changing markets, stand behind our customers, and grow with them every day. As our social responsibility, we always thinking of making a difference in the world.

THIS MONTH, TAIWANESE chipmaker TSMC, which produces some of the world’s most advanced silicon, announced record profits for the past quarter—up by 76.4 percent from the year before to 237.03 billion New Taiwan dollars ($8.05 billion). It also warned that weakening consumer demand coupled with chip hoarding would put a dent in future financials.

It’s just the latest sign that the recent chipmaking boom is finally over—for some at least. But that doesn’t mean the shortage of chips that has bedeviled the global economy is about to disappear.

“In certain industries, there’s an easing—an equilibrium,” Everstream’s data shows the complexity of the chip supply chain, the diversity of components used in different sectors, and evolving risks affecting product availability, require a more nuanced picture. Gerdeman says people often talk as if all chips are the same, “but you really need to look at the kind of chip and the industry.” Some sectors still see shortages, as well as growing uncertainty around future supply, she adds.
Everstream’s data shows that lead times for some advanced chips needed for medical devices, telecommunications, and cybersecurity systems is around 52 weeks, compared to a prior average of 27 weeks.

Automotive companies that were badly affected by the pandemic because they initially canceled orders for components were then blindsided by an uptick in demand and had no spare inventory and little negotiating leverage when it came to ramping back up. Modern cars can have thousands of chips, and future models are likely to pack even greater computing power, thanks to more advanced in-car software and autonomous driving functionality.

“Anything automotive—or competing with capacity for automotive—is still highly constrained,” says Jeff Caldwell, director of global supply management at MasterWorks Electronics, a manufacturer of printed circuit boards, cables, and other electronics products. Actify CEO Dave Opsahl, whose company sells operation management software to automotive companies, says the supply of chips has not improved for carmakers, and shortages of raw materials like resin and steel, as well as labor, have also gotten worse.

The Solution: Introducing UCC INDU GmbH

UCC INDU is your global stocking distributor of Electronic Components. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Ladenburg, Germany, As a branch of Union Component Technology, UCC INDU GmbH achieved more than 20 years of experience in the market of electronic components purchase, research, and development. we are convinced with high standard products, quality inspection, great customer service, and 25 years of industry experience.

With 5 million parts in stock and ready to ship, we serve as a primary supplier for OEM, CMs, and EMS customers around the world. We continue to innovate and develop new ways to surpass our customer’s expectations and lead within our industry.

Our mission is to create an easy and accessible component distribution experience for all of our clients.

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