UB PACIFIC LTD., the Global Enterprise Advancing Into the World With New Substance Technology and Bio-Blockchain (UBP Token)


UB PACIFIC LTD. that distributes and sells health foods containing seanol made by the new technology of BOTA MEDI, launched a new product, Nubonax, in August 2021, receiving a positive response in the market. The effect of the Nubonax, which went viral without any special advertisements during the COVID-19 crisis, led to such success, and a significant increase in sales is expected to follow in the future.

The newly launched product, Nubonax’s popularity, has increased within a short period of time, so it is expected to have a greater increase with groundbreaking sales ahead with an additional release of new products in 2022.

This drop-type hangover helper, which was developed this year, advanced into the market and appeared to significantly extend the sales of health foods and daily necessities. In particular, new brand naming appeals to young people, and through taste tests, it will play the role of the leading hangover helper in the overseas market as well as in the domestic market. Such outlook will accelerate the expansion of the platform for the distribution business of immunity-improving health foods and daily necessities, which are in the development processing stage. 

Also, through the UBPT, the blockchain utility token issued by UB PACIFIC, the platform is connected with the technology and medicine development business of BOTA MEDI.2022 will be a year that UBPT will be listed and distributed through excellent overseas exchanges and expand the number of users worldwide.

A health care enterprise for consumers needs to live a truly happy and healthy life in the homo-hundred era to become a global enterprise beyond Korea and achieve the business philosophy to make the world a better place; all executives and staff members of UB PACIFIC are working hard even today.

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Company Name: UB Pacific Co., LTD
Contact Person: Jacky Jeong
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Phone: +82 02-587-0329
Country: South Korea
Website: www.ubptoken.com

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