The synthetic wig hair fiber filaments produced by our synthetic hair fiber machine line are mainly processed fibers made of natural or synthetic polymer materials.

According to the place of origin, synthetic wig hair fiber can be divided into: Japanese fiber, Korean fiber, and domestic fiber.

Different hair strands determine the feel, luster, quality, durability, etc. of the wig. Domestic wig fiber is the cheapest of the three types of chemical fiber, and is suitable for making wigs or doll hair on models. The price of Korean fiber is in the middle, and it can be used to make anime wigs, festival wigs, etc. Japanese silk is the most expensive of the three types of synthetic fiber, generally more than three times the price of the same type of domestic fiber, both in terms of feel and gloss, are very close to human hair, so this kind of synthetic fiber is very suitable for real people to wear wig.

According to the degree of high temperature resistance, synthetic hair fiber yarn can be divided into: high temperature yarn and low temperature yarn.

The high-temperature hair fiber can withstand high temperatures below 180 degrees. The hair is shiny and smooth. It can be restyled, straightened and curled freely. It is more comfortable to the touch and more natural to wear. Many lengths that real people can’t develop can be replaced by high-temperature wire, the effect is good, and it is easy to recover after being deformed by daily wear. Low-temperature silk is not resistant to high temperatures, and can remain unchanged within 80 degrees of heating, but it cannot be ironed, because low-temperature silk is flammable and will form lumps after burning. In addition, low-temperature fiber has low brightness, natural effect, thinner and lighter hair, so it is generally used as a filler for human hair curtains, thereby reducing the cost of raw materials for hair curtains, and can also be used to make some exaggerated shapes.

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