Twumasi Maxwell – a Success Story of Rags to Riches in 3 Years After 27 Years of Absolute Poverty and Failure

Twumasi Maxwell was one of the poorest people who had ever lived in his village. In his quest to afford daily meal, he borrowed monies from friends and even tried to convince people to invest his business ideas. Unfortunately for him, he failed in all these 5 ventures. He was maltreated, beaten and even kept in a BNI cell from morning to evening with no food or water just because the investment ln the venture went bad and he has no other way to pay his debtors.

He was rejected by family for the debt and disgrace he brought to his family, so he left home with only 3 clothes not knowing his fate. He spent two worse years of his life from staying with his 2 separate friend’s and then later to the forest after his friends couldn’t fend for him again which almost ended him in joining an occult for money rituals since he found no meaning to his life.

His life was miserable and was nothing to write home about. He was called by all kinds of names like confident trickster, a scammer, fraudster and a whole lot of bad names you will ever think of.

He is one of the 8% in his Country who will survive this without committing suicide. But this thing happened and he found the secret Blue Print.

In Accra-Ghana we found Twumasi Maxwell.

Maxwell Twumasi in his poorest moment. 

For the past 3 years, He has impacted over 13,000 people of all walks of life using his newly acquired blue prints to help them start their own businesses. Yes, you heard me right! 13,000 whooping people all over the world.

Twumasi Maxwell has impacted over 13,000 students to start their own businesse. Click here to view gallery:

He had fed thousands of people, provided shelters and had paid for expensive medical costs for surgeries which include Kidney cancer, Lymphoma, Sickle cells, hole in heart etc. He is the CEO of Gigs Incorporation. He became this much wealthy just helping the needy and teaching online, are you surprised? 

Twumasi Maxwell takes care of the sick by supporting/paying their hospital bills.

Twumasi Maxwell in an interview at the sunlodge hotel in Accra-Ghana told the media that he is going to train as many people around the world as he can to help better people’s lives, and these are his words.

I am, in my secret blueprint going to teach you how I started these businesses with no huge capital since I had none that time and how you can also do that from your phone or laptop without wasting weeks or months.

“Firstly, I will teach you how you can make money by helping people who are in dire need for shelter, food, clothing, medicine, and those in prisons.

“Secondly, I will teach you how to teach any skill or course online, you don’t need to be accredited by any entity nor are you supposed to be teaching every day. If you don’t have any skills or are not good in teaching, don’t worry, I will share with you my secret, you don’t need to know anything.

“I am aware of the economic hardships and I will not be able to charge you for this course because it’s worth thousands of US dollars; All I need you to do is just donate Sixty US dollars ($60) to support me raise two million US Dollars ($2,000 000) to take care of the children on the street, those sick folks who are in hospitals who can’t pay their bills, Widows, Orphans, Pipe bone water for those living in a chosen dilapidated areas in Ghana.”

Maxwell’s Story has given me more appreciation for life troubles and pains, that no matter how hard life punches me, I believe that there is always an end to how big and tall a mountain can be, and this time is also yours to change your life.

To have access to this blueprint call +233206661960, you can also email / 

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