Innovative NFT project, Turtle Nest NFT, set to officially launch their platform and public sale of NFTs

The Turtle Nest project have reiterated their commitment to championing the laudable cause of saving sea turtles following an announcement to launch their NFT collection as well as an NFT platform. The move is part of the first phase of the project, with the second stage to include the release of the website and mobile app as well as the launch of an NFT special edition.

According to a report by National Geographic, “six of the seven sea turtle species are classified as threatened, endangered, or critically endangered,” as human activities, such as hunting and fishing, as well as pollution, and climate change continue to impact them. Over the years, several charitable organizations and initiatives have been developed to prevent sea turtles as well as other such animals from going into extinction. However, more needs to be done in this regard, which underlines the importance of the Turtle Nest, especially as a blockchain-backed initiative.

The unique NFT collection will feature blockchain-generated pieces, with the launch of the platform enabling as many people as possible to be a part of the groundbreaking project. Developers of Turtle Nest have also announced that 50% of all profits generated from the sale of the NFTs will be donated to charities that support the protection of sea turtles and water bodies. The goal is to help save oceans and sea turtles across the globe, leveraging the increasing popularity of NFTs to get more people to be donors.

For more information about the Turtle Nest project and to be a part of the initiative, join the growing online community on Discord.

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