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True Money Games (TMGS) is a crypto universal ecosystem with a series of diversified games that combines fun, competition, battle, racing, among other types of games that fit everyone in this world. Our gaming project universe allows everyone to build and live in his own desired world with a chance to win tokens through skilled and gifted gameplay. Players can prank, battle, challenge, compete and shape their own characters and items and convert them to NFT.

The most important part of our Gaming Project is that it acts as a bank for our community and their families through just playing and having fun. In other words, play, have fun, earn money and have fun every day. For that purpose our slogan is True Money Games (TMGS) – Your No. 1 checkpoint for Gain without Pain.

True Money Games is a Universe for Every person who has a device allows him or her to play a game. Most of play & win games are either hard battle games or spinning wheel that grants the user only one chance every day. Unlike the others, we aim to allow every single person on this universe a fair chance to make money while just having fun.

TMGS NFT Marketplace?

True Money Games universe will include a variety of characters and items to be listed on our own NFT Marketplace. Some of them are totally unique of its characteristics and types while the others are released in bulks to serve some purposes and targets in the games.

You are free to sell your NFTs that you have acquire from just playing our games on our NFT marketplace or any other marketplace on the blockchain network.

About TMGS token

TMGS token is built based on Binance Smart Chain.

TMGS is the native currency used in our game’s universe. It allows token holders to play, invest and buy, trade and sell items, heroes, weapons, skins and much more for true money.

Vesting System

We apply Vesting System protocol on project team and advisors to lock their tokens for a period of four years, so that there are no unlocked tokens which could make a rug pull possible.

True kings Legend

Our games universe features a variety of games, which will be available for PC (via web browsers), Android and IOS. We plan to launch three games during the 2022 year.

The first ae is True kings Legend which is under development already and it’s going rapidly. You may check the game website for the True kings Legend story, map, monsters and the game gallery.

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