Trey Carmichael, Local Crown, and Djemilah Birnie Partner to Service Impactful Local Businesses and Nonprofits

Local Crown, LLC CEO, Trey Carmichael, partners with Amazon best-selling author Djemilah Birnie of Becoming The Big Me to service local companies and nonprofit movements

Trey Carmichael is letting it all go as he dedicates his resources to making the world a better place, recently creating Local Crown, LLC alongside Amazon bestselling author, Djemilah Birnie, to support laudable causes. Local Crown, LLC is currently serving the likes of ACTS Recovery Homes, a sober living community in Austin, Texas, Project Diehard, a veteran non-profit organization helping veterans transition back into civilian life, Building Grit, a movement geared towards making PTSD a workers’ compensation issue for first responders and firefighters, and many more.

With Djemilah and Becoming the big me being focused on science based personal development strategies and healing modalities as well as graphic design, photography, and brand development they are truly stronger together.

β€œWhen it comes to developments and online marketing, I have always been the one to think in β€œmake it happen”, and I do things very systematically according to the proven foundations that we know work. Bringing me and Djemilah together, we are able to not only make things happen quickly and in one place to get the job done, get the data, and garner the results our clients are looking for, but it is going to look absolutely stunning. Plus if they need support when the pressure sets in before they get on TV, a radio show, or they jump on stage after we run their press campaign, Djemilah can offer them tactics to calm them down and do what they need to do and even assist with implementing habits and things that will help our clients reach their goals faster.” – Trey Carmichael

Leaving other important aspects of his life to contribute to the betterment of the world. Trey Carmichael for one, has walked away from Virtually Limitless, after 5 years. He has also unpublished his podcast and pulled down his Amazon bestseller, Limitless Expansion Secrets while separating himself from some old partnerships and associates.

Local Crown, LLC helps local business owners and non profit founders amplify their message to the masses by leveraging the power of digital media. The firm helps to secure Google keywords and saturate relevant searches with earned media to build trust with the audience, make the clients easy to find, and ultimately shorten sales cycles.

For more information about the initiative and other projects from Trey Carmichael and Djemilah Birnie, visit – or

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