Trey Carmichael and Stephen Swanson Release “Podcast Secrets” to Empower Aspiring Podcasters and Help Veterans

Book cover of Podcast Secrets by Trey Carmichael and Stephen Swanson
Podcast experts Trey Carmichael and Stephen Swanson have collaborated to launch “Podcast Secrets,” a comprehensive guide for aspiring podcasters. Inspired by Swanson’s experience using his podcast to help fellow veterans, “Podcast Secrets” demonstrates the power of podcasting to create meaningful connections

Renowned Advisors and Marketing Experts Trey Carmichael and Stephen Swanson have teamed up to write and launch “Podcast Secrets,” a comprehensive guide to help aspiring podcasters succeed in the booming podcast industry. The book’s creation was inspired by Swanson’s realization that his podcast, “The Swandingo Files,” had not only been a source of therapy for him as a 14-year Army veteran but had also helped numerous other veterans navigate their challenges.

“Podcast Secrets” covers a wide range of topics, including show planning, audience research, artwork creation, intros and outros, podcasting for SEO, content planning, booking interviews, and monetization. The book also provides valuable insights into leveraging podcasts to create new opportunities, making it an essential resource for anyone looking to enter or excel in the podcasting world.

Trey Carmichael, host of Under the Crown, has spent nearly a decade in the marketing space, managing multiple successful shows. He brings his extensive experience and knowledge to the book, sharing insider tips and strategies for podcast success.


Stephen Swanson, a 14-year Army veteran, found solace and healing in podcasting when he launched “The Swandingo Files.” Through his podcast, Swanson realized he could connect with fellow veterans and support those facing similar challenges, proving the power of podcasting to create meaningful, life-changing connections.

“Podcast Secrets” aims to empower individuals to harness the power of podcasting for personal and professional growth. The book serves as a testament to the potential impact of podcasts, as demonstrated by Swanson’s experience using his platform to help veterans.

“Podcast Secrets” is now available for purchase through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For more information on Trey Carmichael and Stephen Swanson, visit their websites and

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