Trey Carmichael and Stephen Swanson Launch “Digital Utility Belt” to Empower Entrepreneurs and Veterans Worldwide

“Digital Utility Belt” is a comprehensive guide by public relations specialist Trey Carmichael and Army veteran-turned-consultant Stephen Swanson. This book helps entrepreneurs, including veterans, build a tailored arsenal of essential business software tools. Discover CRM systems, project management, SEO tools, and more to achieve success in the digital age.

Public relations specialist Trey Carmichael and 14-year Army veteran turned consultant Stephen Swanson have teamed up to create an essential guide for success in the digital age: “Digital Utility Belt.” This groundbreaking new book is designed to help entrepreneurs, including veterans transitioning to civilian life, navigate the complex world of business software, enabling them to build a powerful, tailored arsenal of tools for success.

Carmichael, a highly experienced public relations expert, has spent nearly a decade helping businesses and individuals elevate their brands and achieve their goals. Meanwhile, Swanson has channeled his leadership skills and discipline from his military career into becoming a successful consultant, assisting businesses in improving their performance and efficiency.

“Digital Utility Belt” is a comprehensive guide that combines the expertise of Carmichael and Swanson to offer readers a detailed, educational, and actionable roadmap to the essential software tools needed to thrive in today’s business landscape. From CRM systems and project management to SEO tools and invoicing software, this book covers a wide range of topics, providing invaluable advice and resources for entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

By sharing their insights and experiences, Carmichael and Swanson aim to empower veterans and other entrepreneurs to build their own “Digital Utility Belt” and achieve success in their professional endeavors.

“Digital Utility Belt” is available now on Amazon and other major book retailers. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from two industry experts and equip yourself with the tools necessary for business success in the digital age.

For more information about Trey Carmichael and Stephen Swanson go to or You can also grab your copy of Digital Utility Belt or Stephen and Trey’s other books at

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