Transparency Strategies Is Now Giving Away Its Survey Tools to Nonprofits and Museums: Questionnaire & Video Options

USA – 20 JULY, 2022 – Transparency Strategies see nonprofits as the backbone of society and museums as the heart of communities. They want to help these vital organizations succeed by providing free access to our survey and research operations tools. 

Nonprofits and museums can now easily collect essential data and better listen to others using their trusted survey tool. This tool makes the understanding process easy by using several  question types —  video, multiple-choice,  single choice, grid, and open-ended questions —  to gather better feedback from users on their experiences. These survey results can help you uncover the key metrics necessary to drive your organizational mission into  reality. 

By getting to know your community on a personal level, Nonprofits and museums will be able to gain insights  on how to identify key issues with current initiative and identify the necessary changes to make programs better. It would also gauge insights on what funders are interested in and provide a better perspective on future fundraising opportunities  and events. These programs could even go a step further, tracking and measuring your programs’ impact and sharing that data directly with funders and donors. 

Three Common Survey Tool Use Cases for Nonprofits & Museums:

1.) Market Research:

The time to tell your story is now. Take this opportunity and send out a survey for feedback on what’s working. Easy-to-use potential taglines or flyers to help  attract new prospects! A/B Test messaging features  allow for sending different types of content to different audiences.

2.) Pre and Post-Event Feedback:

Prior to an event or exhibit, you can receive  feedback from staff, donors, partners, and volunteers to see what they would be interested in participating in.

Post-event, collect feedback on your guest’s overall experience to plan better for future  events and measure overall impact.

Easily collect video testimonials from your exhibit guests or your program participants and share that data with your donors!

3.) Receiving Feedback From Donors:

Use a poll or survey to determine what your donors care about the most. You can send an online questionnaire or schedule a one-on-one zoom interview with those who have donated money and ask about their preferences. 

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