Transformify Gravitates Towards the Future of Work, by Ushering Employers to Adopt Crypto Payments

Transformify, the global payroll on-demand platform for businesses, freelancers and service providers, has launched payment procedures for its payment infrastructure through cryptocurrency

The permeation of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies gave rise to the gig economy, and remote jobs and boosted the number of independent contractors, self -employed and freelancers. To address the new trend, businesses have to find a way to compliantly source, manage and pay independent contractors, gig workers and freelancers. Transformify not only provides global payroll on-demand software that fully automates the end-to-end process, the UK-based HR software company has gone a step further adding payments in 20+ cryptocurrencies to the available payment methods. Given the volatility of the financial markets, cryptocurrencies are the preferred payment and investment option for many tech-savvy freelancers.

When asked about the new world of work and payments, the CEO of Transformify, Lilia Stoyanov said ”in light of the instability of the global economy and the volatility of the financial markets, more and more businesses and individuals consider crypto payments as an alternative to the fluctuating local currencies. With payments in 20+ cryptocurrencies, Transformify’s users have a choice”

Transfomify provides a sustainable chance to any unemployed person who would benefit from working from home. Additionally, freelancers and remote service providers can receive payments in any local currency or in cryptocurrency.

Additionally, the Global Product Manager of Transformify, Taras Pasechniks said: ”Our business customers love Transformify VMS (Vendor Management System) as it allows them to fully automate the billing and payments process. It does not matter if they work with 100 or 5000+ service providers, independent contractors and freelancers, our business customers always have one vendor – Transformify.”

Transformify acts as CaaS (Company-as-a-service) to ensure full automation of the billing and payments process to service providers, independent contractors and freelancers. The company’s product portfolio is diversified to take care of on-boarding, compliance, self-billing and payments across the globe so that Transformify’s business customers enjoy peace of mind and save up to 60% on costs on average.

About Transformify

Transformify provides global payroll on-demand services. Mid-sized businesses and enterprises use Transformify to compliantly source, manage and pay service providers, freelancers, independent contractors and employees. Transformify is a member of the Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition of the EU Commission and received many awards. The company provides a secure billing and payment platform which enables remote workers, independent contractors and freelancers to receive secure payment through a variety of payment methods including SEPA, SWIFT, Payoneer e-wallet and prepaid card, Revolut, 20+ cryptocurrencies, etc.

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