Transformational Coach and World Famous Boxing Gym Owner, Jolie Glassman Releases Debut Book “Life According to the Rules of Boxing”

“Life According to the Rules of Boxing” 101 Rules to Being The Champion of Your Own Life
101 Rules to Being The Champion of Your Own Life Published Digitally and in Select Stores by BALBOA PRESS, a Division of HAY HOUSE

MIAMI, FL – Jolie Glassman recently released her debut book Life According to the Rules of Boxing – 101 Rules to Being The Champion of Your Own Life. It’s a collection of 101 short, deeply impactful life lessons that will allow the reader to “chase mastery and become the champion of their own life”.

Every left-side page contains a quote from a famous boxer or two and lessons followed by 1 to 2 pages explaining through real-world actions and experiences. The book, according to Glassman “is for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life using mental skills and life lessons of some of the greatest boxers in the world”.

“I’m thrilled that Mike Tyson wrote my book review, and Khalilah Camacho-Ali — Muhammad Ali’s ex-wife and mother of their four children — wrote my foreword”, said Glassman. “We all need to be boxers in life, which is why I wrote this book — to give the reader all the tools and skills needed to become their greatest self and the champion fighter of their own life. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and this book is the reader’s straight line to becoming the hero they have been waiting for. The hero is you!” shared Glassman.

Glassman is known as a real-talk, real-results, transformational mindset trainer, mentor, and coach, with over thirty years’ experience in motivating, inspiring, and transforming tens of thousands of lives. She is a professionally certified life coach with several degrees, licenses, and certifications in the education, behavior, self-improvement, and personal development arenas. She has dedicated her life to motivating, training, and teaching people to get into action and hold them accountable. 

“A HUGE part of my platform is to honor yourself, then honor the world in return and  always come from a place of love and be fully self expressed. I always teach the win/win & honoring yourself & others while coming from a place of LOVE.”

Life According to the Rules of Boxing can be found on Amazon and in select book stores. For more information on Jolie Glassman and Life According to the Rules of Boxing visit


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