Trama: A New Digital Platform to Disseminate and Document Projects and Buildings of International Architecture From Ecuador

Trama Ediciones in a great editorial display has just presented a new platform for the dissemination and communication of the best architecture and design practices, at an international level.

Based in Quito, Ecuador, Trama is a publishing house founded in 1977. Since then it has produced one of the most important printed architecture magazines in Latin America. Simultaneously, Trama Ediciones has documented local architecture and design through important Architecture books, which have won important international awards.

The new architecture and design platform includes daily news on international architecture, daily updates on local and international architecture projects, free subscription to receive a newsletter twice a week, access to the architecture and design podcast, access to the YouTube channel with interviews to local and international architects and much more.

From the portal you can access the digital architecture magazine and the bookstore of printed and digital architecture books and magazines.

Trama is also responsible for disseminating the best examples of international architecture through daily posts on its social networks.

On the other hand, Trama Ediciones has recently published two volumes with the main works of contemporary architecture carried out in Ecuador between 2000 and 2021 in a great editorial display. Its author is Rómulo Moya Peralta, the architect Director of Trama, one of the most important Latin American architecture magazines. The first volume, Casas XXI of 534 pages, presents a selection of 125 single-family homes distributed in different regions of Ecuador. Works by architects who, due to their production, have stood out in these first two decades of the 21st century. The second volume, Architecture XXI, of 586 pages, exposes in its pages 133 works of architecture that express searches and realities, constituting an important panorama of architecture in diverse functional typologies and in different geographical areas of the Ecuadorian territory.

About the Director of Trama Ediciones: Rómulo Moya Peralta (Argentina, 1964). He is an architect, critic, graphic designer, photographer and publisher. He is the general director of Trama, a center for the diffusion of Ecuadorian architecture, a design studio and a publishing house. He is a member of CICA, International Committee of Architectural Critics. He has been working since 1983 in the area of communication, design and architecture. He directs Trama, a multidisciplinary center dedicated to publishing, design, history and architectural criticism, as well as the study of design, art and photography. As an editor he has made hundreds of books, many of them have received international awards. As an author he has published numerous books on architecture, design, art and photography. He has been the First Latin American Prize for Journalism,
Siemens 2012.

About the Publisher: Trama Ediciones, is a publishing house founded in 1977 with headquarters in Quito, Ecuador. Dedicated to the production of books on architecture, design, history and photography. His books are characterized by their intellectual rigor and careful aesthetics.

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