Trade Ideas Partners With Interactive Brokers

Stock trading bots have been steadily gaining popularity. Algorithmic trading allows traders to set specific rules for trade entries and exits that can be automatically executed via a computer program. Various platforms report over 80% of the volume traded on U.S. stock exchanges now comes from automatic trading systems.

Trade Ideas, the stock trading intelligence platform that uses innovative AI technology to scan and find profitable trades opportunities, has partnered with IBKR. Trade Ideas feature Brokerage Plus allows traders to link the scanner to their broker, define trading strategies and trade automatically.

For example, you can create a scan of a stock that has broken above its 52-week high and then plan to buy ten shares at the bid with a $1 stop. Then, Trade Ideas connected to Interactive Brokers will automatically place trades on a semi-auto pilot (auto-order setup, manual input).Β 

This feature is among the most thrilling and innovative in the Trade Ideas software. However, it would be best to use it with caution until you are acquainted with it.

Trade Ideas and eSignal have previously partnered to integrate their screening technologies as a service for many online brokerage research platforms, including Scottrade and E*Trade. Trade Ideas Brokerage Plus is a program that works with Interactive brokers accounts to allow users to automate trading strategies within their platform.

To connect to Trade Ideas, you’ll need an IB Pro Account. To establish the Brokerage Plus connection, you must first configure Interactive Broker’s Trader Workstation.

Brokerage Plus Premium is an add-on to Trade Ideas Pro. To use B+ functionality, you must have an active IB account. B+ provides multiple execution functions for Trade Ideas Pro, including the ability to automate any alert strategy. For example, signals in an alert window will send an initial order and a stop order. It also allows you to set a profit target, set a time limit, and send corresponding timestamps.Β 

A bot executes trades based on a particular trading strategy and executes them automatically. Stock trading bots can include backtesting and AI stock trading features.Β 

Trade Ideas is well known for its artificial intelligence engine Holly, a unique offering in retail scanners. Holly is an AI-powered robot-trader that automates trade positions. Holly runs millions of simulations every night to generate a high confidence profitable trades list. You can automatically track Holly’s performance or even piggyback the trades at your own risk. Holly AI has been consistently beating the market.

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