Toys ‘R’ Us will make its return to the high street after five years, revealing plans to open nine concession stands in WH Smith.

In 2017, the children’s retailers declared bankruptcy after years of rising debt and dwindling sales and the following year it shut all 100 of its UK stores.

Its collapse was linked to a rise in online shopping, with platforms such as Amazon coming on to the mainstream market, reducing the need for toy and children’s only stores.
However, the American brand made a revival last year and relaunched its e-commerce website in the UK.

The first Toys ‘R’ Us opening will take place on Saturday 10 June at WHSmith Monks Cross Retail Park store in York, with other stands set to open in locations such as Canterbury, Oxford and Poole.

“Our new Toys ‘R’ Us shop-in-shops at WHSmith create the perfect home for Toys ‘R’ Us  as it returns to the UK high street shopping scene,”  Simon Cartey, the retailer’s  commercial director, said.

He added: “With this collaboration, we are not only bringing back the beloved Toys ‘R’ Us experience but also providing convenient access to a wide range of toys and games. Together, we hope to create a magical and joyful shopping destination for families across the country.”

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