Top Female Comedian in the USA (Top 4)

From dancing to acting women have proved every stereotype wrong and conquered every field they wanted. The same goes with standup comedy. The things that women comedians crack jokes about really run the gamut, and the crowd loves it. The last few years have been hard for almost everyone, but comedians have continued to crack us up. They’ve covered it all with Instagram stories, Facebook updates, and YouTube videos featuring standup excerpts or commentary about the current crisis. Aside from internet trolls, people with a sense of humor have enjoyed the fruits of female comedians producing a great deal of quality content. 

Here are six of the top female comedians to look out for in 2022.

Jenna Kim Jones:

She’s a stand-up comedian, podcaster, and blogger who has sold out shows around the country (including this year).  Her bio says: “Known for her aggressive personality and little to no upper body strength,” 

Kim’s most viewed stand-ups include “Fun to Hug” in which she talked about how Zumba class consists of a room full of women and “one guy who’s better than everyone.” 

Janet Roth:

Janet is a standup comedian and former actress known for her dramatic and humorous comedy. Roth was born to a Jewish-Armenian house of engineers in Ukraine; however, she had some other plans. Janet moved to the USA as a teen. Janet had her first acting role at the age of eight in Goethe’s Walpurgis Night. Acting has been a calling for her since she was a child. After graduating from DePaul University, Janet began her training with Eric Morris and several other well-known acting trainers in Los Angeles. She gives updates about her show on her socials @thejanetroth (on Instagram) and @JanetRoth (on Twitter). After some unexpected life-changing events she discovered her talent in stand-up comedy.  Ever since she started mixing her sarcasm in her standup comedy and people are loving it.

Mary Mack:

Speaking of funny and partially clean female comedian, Mary Mack is a woman to talk about. Mack’s scrappy and has a “serious cheese habit,” according to her. She was raised in Wisconsin by Minnesotan parents, so that makes sense. Her standup humor touches on a wide range of issues, always with a dark undertone. 

Jenny Zigrino:

Jenny is a total package; she combines the Midwest’s charm with the East Coast’s stark honesty. It hasn’t gone unnoticed, either.Zigrino’s delightfully humiliating experiences have garnered her fans all around the country, and she’s only getting started. From Conan O’Brien to Comedy Central’s “Up Next” are the Comics to Watch, she’s done it all.

To summarize what has been said so far, women have excelled in practically every discipline, including dancing, acting, and standup comedy. They can blend in and are giving guys a run for their money.

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