At present, with the expansion of various robotic applications, equipment to replace manual repetitive work is gradually being used in production, processing and production lines in many workshops, and CNC truss manipulators have become the main alternative to manually operated equipment.

CNC truss manipulator is an automatic machine that simulates manual operation, which can grasp and handle objects, process instruments, and complete specific operations according to fixed procedures. The application of CNC truss manipulator replaces monotonous, repetitive or heavy physical labor, realizes mechanized and automated production, replaces manual operation in harmful environment, improves working conditions, and ensures personal safety. Therefore, it is widely used in machines in the manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, light industry, atomic energy and other sectors.


The CNC truss manipulator is well balanced, moderately flexible, practical, easy to use, productive and cost effective. Though it has numerous advantages and functions, Jiangyin Tongli Industrial Co., Ltd., a modern manufacturing enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production, sales and service of storage and handling equipment automation, will state the top seven reasons why you should choose a CNC truss manipulator.

1. Multi-axis linkage control allows workpieces to be accurately positioned, clamped and placed at any angle.

2. Vertical movement of the Z-axis of CNC truss manipulator makes it adaptable to a wide range of things, and the difference in machine table height can satisfy most machines on the market.

3. Horizontal telescoping of the arm of the truss manipulator also reduces the swing of the arm and the rotational inertia during the swing.

4. The rotation of the R-axis allows the workpiece to rotate, side suspend, and complete other technical movements.

5. Compact body structure and weight and small installation space ensure easy and simple “post-adjustment” movement.

6. Open programmable technology and flexible education and setup enable skilled technicians to complete the settings in less than 3 minutes.

7. Smart movement control card can store various product process information and can be switched at any time.

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