Top 10 Vegan Products of 2022 Revealed

Vegan products are gaining popularity. Many new brands are hitting the market, so we have compiled a list of the top growing vegan brands of 2022.

Vegan products are hitting the shelves at a rapid pace due to the rise in plant-based diets worldwide. As new vegan products emerge and go mainstream, it is essential to know which brands are safe and effective. 

In this article, we compile a list of the Top 10 New Vegan Products coming to market in 2022.

Number 1: Amikno Test Strips

Amikno’s Meat Detection Rapid Test. The company has announced a rapid test that enables consumers to test whether the products they consume contain animal products or by-products. The test turns blue when it comes in contact with any sample of animal meat, tissue,gelatin, or animal rennet; including trace amounts used as stabilizers and preservatives. No longer will companies be able to hide behind generic labels such as natural/artificial flavoring, preservatives and other ingredients. A true disruptor to the food and beverage industry, this company believes 2022 is the time to Know Your Food.

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Number 2: Mooless Powder

Natreve’s product, Mooless, is a modernistic, animal-free, whey protein powder. It is delicious and sustainable, with less environmental impact than conventional whey protein mixes. Each serving gives the user 20g of protein, 4.5g BCAA’s and contains numerous digestive enzymes.


Number 3: Beyond Jerky

In recent years, Beyond Meat has been a well-known powerhouse in the vegan food industry. They aim to keep this status by providing the population with a product that is both nutritious and convenient. The latest of their released products, the 100% Plant-Based Jerky, meets this demand and has quickly become a new fan favorite. This jerky alternative is not only meat free, but is also absent of Soy, Gluten, and GMO ingredients.

Number 4: Just Egg Mikey’s Breakfast Pocket

Just Egg is a Cholesterol-Free, Egg-Free, and Dairy-Free alternative to the traditional breakfast staple, the egg. This brand claims their ‘eggs’ are so good that you’ll, “accidentally eat healthy.” This versatile plant-based egg substitute is made from mung beans and can be served scrambled, fried, boiled, or baked. Just Egg partnered with Mikey’s to create a plant-based breakfast pocket in two savory flavors: Breakfast Scramble and Tex-Mex Breakfast.

Number 5: McPlant

The McDonald’s McPlant, a new favorite at the Golden Arches, includes a plant-based patty that was co-developed with Beyond Meat for an exclusive McDonald’s cooperative campaign. The patty is made from peas, rice, and potatoes. It is served on a sesame seed bun with tomato, lettuce, pickles, onions, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and a slice of American cheese (non-vegan.)

Number 6: Perfect Day Ice Cream

Perfect Day was inspired by a scientific study that discovered cows produce more milk when listening to the song “Perfect Day,” by Lou Reed. For a company on a mission to make cows, people, and the planet happier, it was a perfect fit. As such, Perfect Day has developed an animal-free, cruelty-free ice cream. Perfect Day’s products are kinder and greener, without compromising taste, texture, or delight.

Number 7: Kuleana Tuna

Kuleana launched a plant-based tuna for the consumer. The company blends wholesome ingredients like radish, algae, bamboo, and pea protein – with imagination. After two years of R&D, they launched a plant-based tuna with select restaurants and sushi counters. Kuleana products provide a taste of the ocean excluding mercury and microplastics. A tasty alternative that poses no environmental or ethical consequences. 

Number 8: Dandies Marshmallows

Dandies’ light and fluffy Marshmallows are perfect for s’mores, topping a cup of hot cocoa, or snacking straight out of the bag! This company stands to turn your family favorites into nostalgic treats you can feel good about. Dandies plant-based marshmallows are all plant-based products with no artificial colors, corn syrup, or gelatin. 

Number 9: PeaTos Snack mix

PeaTos enjoys two things: mixing new music beats and munching on their favorite junk foods. But the way junk-food leaves everyone feeling, takes us out of our flow. So they made a junk food remix. PeaTos uses peas instead of corn in the making of their products. Thus, their snacks provide more protein and fiber than other snacking brands. These revolutionary snacks mix junk food taste with plant-based nutrition.

Number 10: Borna Foods Pistachio Butter

Borna Foods is one of the top suppliers of pistachios in the world. But they have grown bored with merely logistics, and have stepped into the food and beverage industry. Borna Foods has developed several products using a range of high-quality Pistachio farms at their disposal. However, Pistachio Butter is one of their most notable products, as it has won the SIAL Paris Innovation Award. Borna Foods provides you with an animal-free and tasty nut-butter alternative.

The products featured on this list share a common goal for a better tomorrow. Each with its own mission, story, and values. These new innovations support a lifestyle that seeks to exclude and minimize all forms of exploitation imposed on animals. A message we can all get behind.

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