Tony Cervantes’ Grief and Sorrow Birth New Life

Life can be unpredictable. Weathering the ups and downs is all part of the journey. However, sometimes misfortune befalls us in a way that is pivotal to the rest of our story. This is a feeling that Tony Cervantes and his family know well. He is a father of three and, having already lost his dad to Covid-19, found himself a widower because of the same pandemic. Tony shares his ongoing journey of grief and recovery in the hope that his loss will be a comfort and encouragement to others in a similar situation.

Life appeared to be rewarding Tony and his wife, Gabriela. Their relationship was rooted in friendship and faith. They had walked with one another, side by side, through the challenges of life, both as close friends and lifelong companions. God had blessed them with a wonderful marriage and three beautiful daughters.

Losing both his dad and wife to Covid-19, Tony Cervantes was facing grief, depression, and anxiety. Adding to the weight of emotions were the questions of faith that come from the feelings of being blindsided and having a dream derailed. Choosing to find meaning in the midst of overwhelming calamity was difficult but Tony chose to rise above the heartache and find purpose by sharing his journey across that bridge.

Through his story of pain and grief, Tony endeavors to help others on similar paths of recovery from the depression and anxiety that result from loss. He writes a memoir, The First Lady Who Crossed the Bridge, in hopes that others may have victory in knowing they can find peace and joy once again. By overcoming the grief, their loss has meaning.

Life doesn’t always follow the path we think it will. Tony Cervantes shares his confrontation with mortality and the impact it had on himself and his family as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. While his dad and wife both lost their own battles with the virus, he gives some level of meaning to it all by reassuring others that they are not alone in the struggle to find a way to go on.

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