Tony Cervantes – From Grief to New Life

The pandemic has put a strain on the world and changed the face of our society. The extent to which each person has been affected by the virus varies, but no one has escaped completely unscathed. For Jesus Antonio Cervantes, the aftereffects of loss due to complications from the Covid-19 virus are long-lasting. He wishes to share his story so others suffering losses due to Covid-19 can find solace and hope.

Tony Cervantes and his wife Gabriela Macias married in 1999. They had three daughters together. In 2020, with the rise of the pandemic, Tony and his daughters lost Gabriela because of Covid-19, along with Tony’s father as well. Devastated and mourning their loss, Tony navigated the waters of grief and despair, finding a renewed outlook on life. He decided to live for their memory rather than drown in it.

January 2022 saw the release of Tony Cervantes’ book, When the First Lady Crossed the Bridge. In this book, Tony pays homage to his wife and the legacy she leaves behind by remembering her life. He still feels the void created by her absence but is dealing with the grief and fallout in a positive way. He put his effort into living life to the fullest in her honor rather than wallow in pain and sorrow for the remainder of his days.

Tony’s book is his way of reaching out to others who are still suffering and reeling from losses due to the pandemic. His story includes the process he endured from initial shock to finding hope and a restored faith in God. He knows that this story is not unique, that many will bear witness to it and relate on a deeply personal level. He also knows that losing a loved one opens your eyes to see the reality of our human situation and of our fragile mortality.

Tony has already received some feedback from readers showing their support and relating to the loss. Tony and his family are still struggling, but he has declared a battle against it, “Do not let anybody, or the anxiety, or depression win and destroy your life. There’s victory, there’s hope, and there’s joy again to live.” This is the purpose he hopes his book will accomplish – to encourage and lift others up, reminding them that there is hope on the other side of darkness, that they will live and have joy once again.

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