Todd Hemming Tells the Story of the Missing Women of the West Mesa in Albuquerque in West Mesa Killers

Author and globetrotter, Todd Hemming, chronicles the story of women reported missing in Albuquerque, New Mexico in his book titled “West Mesa Killers: Of Albuquerque NM”

Todd Hemming recently added to his list of eye-opening pieces as he publishes a book titled West Mesa Killers: Of Albuquerque NM. The mystery fiction is about the missing women of the West Mesa in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as the southwest author narrates the ordeals of the victims of the unfortunate happening and their families.

I just want to say I never meant to put down or belittle the families and the victims of this horrible crime. I lost my only sister in 2012 and believe me I know the true meaning of grief and pain. I wasn’t myself for over two years. And believe me, all the drinking and bad behavior will never bring the victims or my sister back. I just wanted to throw out a few ideas for law enforcement,” said Todd Hemming.

The relatively recent case of Gabby Petito has brought attention to the cases of missing persons, especially women, in New Mexico. Over the years, hundreds of Native women whose cases are ongoing or cold, including many here in New Mexico, have been reported missing. In a related development, several narrations have trailed the situation. However, Todd Hemming is offering an unbiased view of the undesirable situation in West Mesa Killers: Of Albuquerque NM, with the goal of provoking investigators to dig further and ensure the crime is solved and the victims get justice.

West Mesa Killers: Of Albuquerque NM gives the possible circumstances surrounding the disappearance of women and the persons behind the acts. The book is currently available on Amazon in Kindle edition for readers across the globe.

Todd Hemming has also authored several other expository pieces, including US Navy Becoming a Sailor: CVN-69, College Predator: Missing College Students, Serial Shooters The Rising, and The Bone Collectors: of New Mexico.

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Todd Hemming is a Southwest author who served 8 years in the military four on Dwight D. Eisenhower a Nuclear powered aircraft carrier CVN-69. The graduate of Northern Arizona University with a B.S. in Liberal Arts and Geography and Saint Cloud State University with a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems has published books where he tries to unravel the mystery surrounding the cases of missing persons, especially across New Mexico.

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