TKNMetal is a metal trading company based in Asia that wants to expand further and find new collaborators. They are looking for business partners and associates. Business partners collaborate with TKNMetal for metal buying and selling, while associates find new business partners for TKNMetal and earn 5% commission on the deposit of the business partner they introduce. TKNMetal provides free training for associates and selects and authorizes business partners through zone representatives. The company will use various marketing channels to attract new collaborators, and offer bonuses and training to incentivize associates. To become an associate, candidates can apply on the company’s website and undergo training before receiving a personal code for payment. TKNMetal looks for motivated and customer-oriented associates. Successful associates are also expected to have strong communication skills, be able to work independently, and have a good understanding of the metal trading business. TKNMetal provides comprehensive training to ensure that associates have the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful.

In addition to the benefits of earning a commission, associates have the opportunity to work with a leading company in the metal trading sector and gain valuable experience. They will also be part of a team that values collaboration and is committed to providing quality service to clients.

TKNMetal’s commitment to maintaining a good relationship with its collaborators and business partners means that associates can expect to have support and guidance throughout their collaboration. As the company continues to expand, there will be further opportunities for growth and advancement for associates who demonstrate strong performance.

Overall, becoming an associate of TKNMetal is an exciting opportunity for individuals who are motivated, customer-oriented, and have an interest in the metal trading business. With the support and training provided by the company, associates can build a successful career while contributing to the growth of the company.

In addition to its collaboration program, TKNMetal is known for its expertise in metal trading and its commitment to providing high-quality service to clients. The company has a strong presence in Asia and is looking to expand further into Europe, making it an attractive partner for businesses in both regions.

TKNMetal’s focus on training and supporting its associates also sets it apart from other companies in the industry. Associates have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and gain a deep understanding of the metal trading business, which can be valuable for their future careers.

Moreover, TKNMetal’s marketing strategy, including the creation of a dedicated webpage and participation in trade fairs and conferences,

shows its commitment to promoting its brand and finding new business partners. This approach ensures that the company is always looking for ways to grow and innovate.

In conclusion, TKNMetal is a dynamic and innovative company in the metal trading sector that offers a collaborative program for business partners and associates. With its focus on training and support, marketing strategy, and commitment to providing high-quality service, TKNMetal is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the industry.

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