Tips to Get Glowing Skin With Beauty Expert Kristine Afram

Tips to get glowing skin with beauty expert Kristine Afram
No matter what skin type is, it’s safe to say that having glowing skin is a goal that everyone shares. “After all, nothing beats a radiant and youthful complexion. But achieving glowing skin isn’t always easy, especially if you’re battling dry skin or an uneven skin tone. Thankfully, there are a few tweaks you can make to your skin care routine and makeup looks to illuminate the appearance of your skin with minimal effort.” – Kristine Afram.

1Exfoliate your skin: Kristine says, “Exfoliating your skin to improve texture and remove surface level dead skin cells is incredibly important when looking to achieve radiant skin because it ensures that the new, vibrant skin cells are visible.”

2Hydrate Your Skin: “It should go without saying that hydrating the skin is the most important element in achieving vibrant skin. moisturizing helps to remedy skin care concerns like dullness, dry patches and dehydration and many moisturizers have a dewy finish that naturally makes the skin appear more glory.”

3 – Mix Highlighter Drops into Your Moisturizer or Foundation: “You can also create the appearance of glowing skin with makeup by mixing liquid highlighter into your moisturizer or foundation. In addition to mixing them in with your moisturizer or foundation, you can also wear them alone on clean, moisturized skin or apply them underneath or on top of foundation. Don’t be afraid to play around and see which illumination style you like best.”

4 – Use A Powder Illuminator: “If you prefer powder makeup over liquid, we’ve got glow-boosting makeup options for you too. Apply the  Highlighter Palette onto your cheekbones, brow bones, and down the bridge of your nose for an instantly radiant look.”

5 – Try A Glow-Boosting Lotion: “This highlighting glow lotion provides effortless, natural-looking illumination. It’s a multi-use product that’s great for all skin types. You can wear it by itself if you really want to embrace the skinimalism trend or apply it underneath or on top of your foundation if you want coverage and illumination. 

6 – Opt For A Luminous Foundation: “Perhaps one of the easiest ways to make your skin look glowy is by opting for an illuminating foundation over one with a matte finish.”

7 – Get A Faux Tan Glow: “For many of us, adding a bit of bronze color to our skin gives us immediate confidence and a much appreciated radiance boost.”

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