Tips on How to Take Care of Human Hair Wigs

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All girls must learn to invest in themselves, in all aspects, such as knowledge, fitness, and beauty. We need to know how to appreciate ourselves in order to be more competitive.

For girls who love beauty, buying lace front human hair wigs is also an investment in themselves, it can make them more beautiful. But over time, people will find that their wig becomes a little dry and frizzy? This is because they do not understand nursing.

How Often Should People Wash a Human Hair Wig?

It depends on how often people wear their wigs. We strongly recommend that people who wear wigs every day wash them on average twice a week.

Always remember that hot water can damage the texture of a wig and make it rough, so wash it in cold water.

613 wig requires more hydration than natural black hair due to their processing. it requires more moisture than natural black hair. When dyeing, always use purple shampoo to remove the yellow color. To avoid over-mixing, don’t use it for too long.

Don’t shower with a wig on. The heat of the water may damage the mesh and will decompose the hair’s bond cap. If it’s not convenient to take it off, a terry cloth-lined shower cap can help maintain style hair and block any water or moisture trapped in the hair.

People should always have two wigs on hand. That way, when people wash their wigs, people always have something to wear and a backup in case something happens. Rotating between two wigs also helps to extend the life of both wigs.

Why Do Human Hair Wigs Become Dry?

With natural hair, their scalp produces a natural oil called sebum, which helps their hair retain its natural moisture. Natural oils are what human wigs inevitably lack, which causes them to dry out over time, even with the best human wig care.

If their human hair wig is starting to feel brittle and stiff, We recommend gently applying a natural oil, like Moroccan oil or coconut oil, all over their human hair wig. It’s great for restoring moisture to their hair, giving their wig an incredible feel and smell.

Why There Is Shedding And Tangling?

Shedding is natural for human hair. If there is a small number of hairs loosening from their wigs/wefts, please do not be alarmed, it is very common.

There is another reason for the shedding: tangling. The shedding amount is affected by the tangles on the hair. So always brush their hair daily to avoid tangling.  

When brushing the hair, please use the appropriate tools for different textures. For curly texture( deep wave, loose deep wave, water wave, Brazilian curly wig, kinky curly, etc), use their fingers( better not with combs) to comb sections of the hair with a light conditioner or Moroccan oil to detangle. start at the ends of their hair and gently work their way up.

One more reason that will cause the shedding: is lack of hydration. To avoid this, please shampoo and condition their hair appropriately to keep their hair moisturized. Using deep conditions and hair masks weekly can help add extra moisture to their hair.

At night, Never sleep with it. Please save the wig net if possible when people first open the wig as this will help people maintain the wig after use. People don’t want to leave it all tangled and full of knots from all the moving around at night.

Why Is My Lace Frontal/Closure Balding?

This issue is common when the lace is over-plucked. This may also be an issue when the conditioner is lathered onto the lace. These also can be caused by a hole in the lace frontal/closure.

When wearing a cheap lace front wig, please use a washcloth to wash their face to avoid forehead area lace lifting.

Why Did My Hair Lose Its Curly Pattern After Bleach?

Bleaching is a chemical process to the hair, so it can loosen a texture. We suggest people guys do a bleach bath to keep the original textures as best possible. Please be sure to avoid brushing the hair harshly and hot/warm water when doing highlights. Pushing down on the hair with bleach can cause the texture to loosen more than needed.

We suggest taking it to a professional. When people need to style their wig, it is better if people take it to professional, many salons specialize in the care and styling of wigs. Remember that if people cut the hair on their wig, it won’t grow back, and also, won’t melt if people use too much heat!  

People’s Own Hair Is Important Too!

Always have their own hair clean and conditioned! When people put on their wig, always braid or pull their hair back somehow so that it doesn’t show, I recommend using a cap, it makes it easier to hide the hair, and to keep it clean.

Generally speaking, if used and maintained properly, our wigs can last one to two years. If people want to know more about wigs, people can visit the official blog of West Kiss Hair.

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