Tips for Creating Successful Promotional Flyers

Vancouver, BC — (ReleaseWire) — 02/16/2022 — Promotional flyers are important marketing tools. Whether to promote products, services or events, this is a promotional essential to reach your customer. Read on for best practices tips on how to create flyers that guarantee solid results. Check it out!

What Are Publicity Flyers?
Publicity flyers are a type of promotional printed material. They are mainly used for the promotion of products and services in places with high foot traffic, such as streets, squares and events.

The word flyers means ‘something that flies’, which is a very good description of how these papers are passed hand-to-hand. In general, flyers for publicizing a party or any other event have small dimensions, being produced in A5 and A6 format in superior weight, with mass distribution, quick reading messages and impactful images.

Why Use Vancouver Flyers Printing for Marketing?

Even with the expansion of social networks, which ended up becoming advertising showcases, printed materials did not leave the scene. On the contrary, they continue to be part of companies’ marketing strategies.

Promotional flyers in particular are useful for increasing public reach. However, consider the guidelines below to create a convincing and impactful marketing tool:

Attractive Call to Action
This will be the first (and only!) opportunity to grab the reader’s attention, so it should be a short, impactful sentence. The font should be bold and colourful to stand out. Consider using a subtitle to complement the call and elaborate as necessary.

Any text must be concise and easy to read. The purpose of flyers is to promote what the company can offer to its potential customers, so get right to the point! In addition, it is important to give the reader enough information on how to contact the company or how to go to the event.

This is one of the most efficient ways to attract (and hold) the reader’s interest; people love discounts and freebies. Creating a coupon encouraging a potential customer to get in touch can dramatically increase the success of a campaign.

Use Imagery
Creating flyers that contain only text can be uninteresting and boring, so be sure to include an image, photo, or illustration that represents the promotion. The best option is to use company photos—if they are professional. Otherwise, stock photography can be a good option.

A simple, harmonious layout that positively reflects brand identity should always be the ultimate goal. For those without access to a designer, contact RayaCom—designers are available to assist customers who want to create stunningly professional flyers and printed materials.

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