Thrifty Goodies has decided to open its booth once again. They are committed to their mission of helping people battle the tormenting cold weather by offering free coats and other winter apparel to save the homeless and poor.

January 6th, 2022 – For The People: Thrifty Goodies has been working incessantly to help the poor and the homeless in this winter. It is important for everyone especially children to have coats lest they may not be able to tolerate the outside temperature and will face severe problems. This is why the company launches the Fiat drive every year. 

This year their mission is to reach the goal of 200 coats as they urge people to donate their new or gently used coats on any Saturday when it’s not raining outside their booth. Even gift cards and cash donations are welcomed so those winter items can be purchased for donation to the community.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “Every year, we gather together to make sure that we can help those who are a part of the community. As per humanity grounds, it is important that we at least offer coats and scarves to those who can’t buy it or else they may die a miserable death. We try to come up with different campaigns that can be of help in such matters.”

Thrifty Goodies has come up with a new promotion on January 8th as anyone who would donate five dollars can fill a bag with up to 10 items in it that will be needed for the winter. These donations in turn will be used by the company for the sake of buying more winter essential items and paying for the storage facility they have in Pomona.

On the fifth Saturday of the month, that is on January 29th, Thrifty Goodies will bring tons of stuff to the farmers market and all of it will be for free.

Those who would like to make a contribution and help the company in its mission should make it a point to visit 

About Thrifty Goodies 

Thrifty Goodies offers tons of different items and they now have a mission to help people in the community get the basic winter essentials like coats, scarves, gloves, and more so that they can stay protected and warm in this harsh Californian winter.

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Company Name: Thrifty Goodies
Contact Person: Red Fox aka Naeema Fox
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Phone: 909-289-3354
Address:Pomona, California
City: Pomona
State: California
Country: United States

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