Think Safety Always Introduces OSHA Safety Training for Better Workplace Management

Speaking about the necessity of these courses, Joey Alvarez says, “Investing in job security means that your company complies with the standards established by OSHA for the safety of employees while staying attentive to the quality of the relationship within the company. Think Safety Always is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive training available nationwide!”
With new regulations coming out this year for Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) training, it’s more important than ever that companies follow these guidelines.

Think Safety Always offers OSHA safety training at different levels for all their clients. The classes are available in English and Spanish to design and implement a safety program that complies with all OSHA requirements.

The OSHA standard states that workers shall receive 30 hours of training before beginning work involving hazardous substances. Also, it is mandatory to retake the training once every five years (and more frequently if there are changes in the industry).

Think Safety Always is here to help companies by offering refresher courses that include all necessary updates. These 30 hours must be completed at one time — so most workers won’t have to take the course two or three times.

OSHA 10 Hour training for Construction, General Industry, and Maritime

The construction, general industry, and maritime workers need to take the OSHA 10-hour course. This training includes recognizing hazardous situations, understanding what can cause an accident, and preventing it.

OSHA Third-Party Safety Training

Those who complete the OSHA third-party safety training will teach others what they learned so that every worker can feel safe and perform their tasks without any danger.

OSHA Aerial Scissor Lift Training

Think Safety Always offers free safety inspections once a year, along with aerial scissor lift courses about understanding aerial lift components, how to read aerial lift documents, and recognition of hazardous conditions to avoid accidents when pressing the buttons.

OSHA Rough Terrain Forklift Training

Think Safety Always offers courses for those who work with rough terrain forklifts. This includes knowing where load limits are, using forklift attachments correctly, guarding against tipping, guarding rotating parts of forks and mast, understanding lift planks and platforms, and using forklifts in adverse weather.

OSHA Suspended Scaffold Training

A suspended scaffold is a work platform that hangs from above (over walls, off buildings, and so on) using a rope or cable. The class will teach students what type of fall protection is allowed, plan for a job, inspection guidelines, and more.

OSHA Warehouse Forklift Training

Think Safety Always is the best choice for warehouse forklift certification training. The class will teach employees how to be safe operators of warehouse forklifts.

Competent Rigging and Signaling

This course will show students how to use all types of tools used for this work safely — and it includes the basics of reading blueprints, working on various projects, rigging equipment, understanding load charts, etc.

All of these courses can be taken through Think Safety Always. The company’s goal is to help organizations achieve the safest workplace possible, and they accomplish this by taking part in their clients’ projects and providing them with training.

The company’s goal is to achieve the safest workplace possible by helping clients accomplish this by taking part in their projects and providing them with training.

About Think Safety Always

Think Safety Always is a full-service OSHA training and consulting company that offers a variety of services for companies to have the safest work environment possible. They offer free inspections with their classes on understanding aerial lift components, reading documents, and recognizing hazardous conditions to avoid accidents when operating forklifts or crane equipment.

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