The FIVE main kinds of hangers selling these days:

– Wood hangersMetal hangers, Velvet hangers, Satin hangers and Plastic hangers.

Do people know different materials makes different functions.

Hereby they would like to share the advantages of plastic hangers.

Let’s focus on the mainly functions and general features of plastic hanger.

1. One piece structure

As there is a mold for the plastic hangers and they are made by the injection machines.

All are one piece structure.

2. No interface

No need to joint the two parts together, no interface and can be more durable.

And every hanger is the same as the mold is fixed.

3. Wet and Dry

The plastic hangers can be used both in wet and dry situation

4. Lightweight

For same design hanger, the plastic clothes hangers are more lightweight than wooden hangers.

5. Cost-effective

The plastic hangers are made by machine,it can save more labor cost, reduce the weight and make the hangers more cost-effective.

6. High productivity

Automated machine production can improve the production capacity, ensure delivery time.

7. Colorful

The clothes hangers plastic can be made in different materials and with different colors.

It can make their closet or garment more colorful and more attractive.

8. Custom

If people are looking for the clothes hangers for shop displaying, custom color and custom logo can be made as people’s requests.

Hometime has go through several advantages of plastic hangers.

What are people waiting for? Just contact  and select the design from their Hometime factory.

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