Digital marketing content creator ADMANITY® has launched its YES! TEST, offering it to small businesses and solopreneurs to help them better understand and market their brand. The company, developer of a suite of products including lead generation, email marketing, online networking, and brand marketing, is offering to test up to one million small businesses, free of charge.

Branding, as it relates to marketing and advertising, has always been a complex and often bewildering process for small businesses and even many agencies they hire. Opinions and theories often clash as companies try to find the perfect message to sell their products and services to an audience that often seems to have seen it all before.

Visiting FreeYES! promises to end such drudgery for any given small business. Using ADMANITY’s proprietary algorithm, the test is a key first step for any business seeking to know its most effective marketing tactics. “There has never been anything like The YES! TEST before, so most small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers are not aware this technology exists. The best way for us to get it into the marketplace is by opening the floodgates for free,” said Brian Gregory, CEO for the company and creator of the test algorithms.

The complex algorithms, research, and development of the YES! TEST required seven years to complete. The test doesn’t analyze the business or even its industry niche. Instead, it analyzes the emotions that will be needed to persuade customers to say “YES” to that particular brand. “People buy on emotion, so the test focuses on what the customer’s want to feel and how to trigger those feelings,” said Gregory.

ADMANITY® studied only the most successful ads of the past 100 years to provide foundation for its algorithms. “The truest test of any ad is how it performed in the marketplace on real consumers. We found similar formulas and patterns when we studied the most profitable ads ever created,” said Roy Regalado, ADMANITY® President. “Once you know why those ads did so well, it’s simple to adapt your messaging around these timeless, successful formulas,” he said.

Test-takers are treated to a a fast and easy way to analyze their own brands, using a simple, True-False question format, taking only about 5 minutes. No two tests are alike as every user takes a unique test, guided by their own answers. Once complete, a free, multi-page result offers dozens of recommendations and the exact emotions customers need to feel to say YES to the brand. Customers have raved about this critically valuable information, with many stating it is “mind-blowing.”

“Agencies, consultancies and entrepreneurs could spend months and countless wasted dollars trying to figure out their brand’s ideal formulas using a “best guess” technique. We can eliminate doubt and save countless hours and dollars,” said Gregory. YES! TEST recommendations can be applied to ads, websites, funnels, emails, social media, video/audio scripts, blogs and even a sales team’s verbal conversations.

“Our focus with our entire suite of products has always been the small business, consultant, and solopreneur. The YES! TEST uniquely addresses, and is specifically suited, for these audiences,” added Regalado.

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