The World’s Biggest Treasure Hunt Is Going to be Happening in Your Hometown!

The United Nations has named 2022 The Year of Glass, and glass artists are making history with
the world’s biggest marble treasure hunt. Will Stuckenberg, marble artist and founder of World’s
Biggest Marble Hunt, has teamed up with over 160 glass artists to create The World’s Biggest
Marble Treasure with one goal in mind: to bring awareness to the general public about fine art
marbles while creating a fun, family-friendly activity.

This stunning treasure trove of handmade art marbles was made by some the world’s top glass
artists. This amazing first-place treasure has over 158 pieces valued at over $45,000.
The hunt for the marble treasure will be open to the public at no cost. Anyone can join from
anywhere in the world!

The amazing marbles in this $45,000.00 treasure have been recorded and documented for
posterity by top contemporary marble broker Brian Bowden. Brian has also provided an
appraisal for the entire collection. This is going to be an amazing part of glass history; the Clark
Historical Museum in Eureka, California, has agreed to display the treasure during the month of
June so the media and general public can view the art until the lucky winner of the treasure hunt
takes it home.

National Geographic’s January 2022 article on marble hunting has put handmade art marbles
back in the public spotlight, encouraging artists around the world to come together and create the
world’s biggest organized worldwide treasure hunt. Additionally, thousands of marbles will be
hidden all over the world individually for people to hunt during a worldwide month-long event
taking place during July 2022.

This marble treasure has the most impressive list of famous glass artists ever gathered, all
contributing stunning glass works to the first-place treasure and participating in hiding additional
marbles all around the world. The Hot Glass Team from the Corning Museum of Glass has
finished a marble for the treasure chest.

World’s Biggest Marble Hunt also has a YouTube channel by that same name that teaches you
all about marbles and marble hunting and hiding.

“Not only do I get excited about making the marbles, but I also like to put thought into the clues,
which often include poems, plays on words, or hints that require some research and knowledge
to decipher,” says artist Topher Reynolds. “It’s not just about giving away a marble as much as
creating an adventure with a potential treasure.”

Go to today to discover artists, see the treasure, and learn how to
get your clues on social media.

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