The Wealth Zone Releases Government Contractor Checklist

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Here in the DMV, there is a lot of work available with the Federal government. This is unsurprising, considering that the nation’s capital has a huge number of government offices, agency headquarters, and even military bases. However, just because there’s lots of opportunity doesn’t mean that you can go in and start making bids right away. Rather, you need to know how to qualify for government contracts, make proper bids, and comply with regulations.

Beltsville, MD – What’s one of the most important aspects of being a government contractor? Corporate governance and financial stability are a must. The government must know that they can trust you, and that you’re able to follow through on your contracts. Being the lowest bidder is no good if you’re unqualified, or if you have a reputation for shoddy work.

Don Moragne, CEO of The Wealth Zone, Inc., says, “Government contracting can be very lucrative. The Federal Government always has lots of work for the right people. However, competition is fierce, and potential government contractors must know all of the regulations.” 

Government contracting is potentially lucrative, and it provides a relatively steady source of income. That’s one reason why becoming a government contractor is so popular. However, the huge volume of regulations means that it’s easy to run afoul of the law. Many government contractors have been fined big bucks for not doing things properly. Some business leaders have even gone to jail for fraud against the government.

Fortunately, Moragne has a solution: His C-Suite Vantage Point newsletter for March includes a checklist for potential government contractors to follow. In addition, you can contact Moragne and his company for help setting your business up for GovCon jobs and receive all the coaching necessary to gain and retain success.

How does Wealth Zone accomplish this? The company is made up of successful entrepreneurs who consult with new entrepreneurs and young company management to help them on the road to success. Small businesses exist to make money for their owners and, later on, support employees too. With consulting services from Wealth Zone, your business can grow and thrive.

Preparing to contract for the government requires several steps, including setting your business up with the right corporate checks and balances you’ll need to win. Plus, there are requirements for hiring, labor, and retention practices. One of the more notable requirements is running a drug-free workplace, but that isn’t the only factor. Potential employees must often pass certain background checks before hiring.

Luckily, you don’t have to go through this process alone. Wealth Zone will help you adequately prepare, both through their training and a network of professionals who can help you with legal or business setup. They also have human resources people, purchasing experts, and much more. This way, you won’t have to figure everything out yourself. You’ll have a team of experts to help.

If you have any questions about The Wealth Zone, contact them at (301) 608-0848 or email

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