Innovative Korean biosensing technology startup, The Wave Talk Inc., to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for WaTalk, a smart home IoT water sensor for measuring water quality (turbidity) precisely within 10 seconds

The team at The Wave Talk Inc. is staying true to their goal of developing solutions based on biosensing technology for everyday use as the Korean startup recently announced the launch of WaTalk. In a related development, the company will officially launch a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign for the product in February while also featuring at the CES 2022 where The Wave Talk Inc. will be exhibiting at CES Sands Expo 1F Hall G Booth #63221.

Potable remains a luxury to millions of people across the globe, even as the supposedly clean water available in urban cities remains under the control of major distributors that have the required power and control in terms of information and resources about water quality. Turbidity ranks as one of the mandatory parameters in water quality test, revealing the potential contamination by organic and inorganic matters. Unfortunately, professional turbidity meters cost between $1,500 and $8,000, making them inaccessible to millions of people worldwide. However, The Wave Talk seeks to change this narrative with the launch of WaTalk.

The Wave Talk, which received the Innovation Award at CES 2020, is “the first water quality (turbidity) tester that offers the same level of accuracy as top-tier professional devices, yet still affordable and easy to be used by general consumers.” The device is designed to test and accurately measure the turbidity of any type of drinking water, detecting from 0 ~ 3 NTU in 0.01 NTU levels, and can also help users determine the functionality of their filters. The compact, light, and user-friendly turbidity tester uses a built-in laser to detect any substances in the water to test for its clearness with four color indicators revealing the clarity of the water in just 10 seconds. The color on the indicator will turn blue (being the clearest), green (average clear), yellow (moderately clear), or red (not clear).

There is also the WaTalk app that provides detailed information of the result, enabling users to save and share the result data through the system. The IoT-enabled app also helps users to keep track of the water quality in each location as well as its history to help maintain clean water every day.

WaTalk is scheduled to be launched on Kickstarter in February 2022 with pre-booking for funding available at

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