The True Successes and Failures of Entrepreneurs Laid Bare Before the Eyes

Ever wondered why some individuals appear to enjoy a delighted existence where everything comes effortlessly to them? For others, is there a roadblock? Most of the time that roadblock is nothing except what is inside your head. “Stealing Prosperity’s Fire: Pathway to Victory” shows you how to overcome self-sabotage and the mystery that makes life so challenging. In a sense, most individuals live their lives with one foot on the gas and another on the brake. While this analogy would work most definitely when driving a car, it could also bode well to answer personal and professional life matters. Stealing Prosperity’s Fire: Pathway to Victory unveils the secrets that differentiate successful entrepreneurs from others who struggle and fail, as would go in the Greek mythological narrative of Prometheus stealing hidden power from Mount Olympus to aid humanity.

“In sales, especially in real estate—in which I have spent my whole life immersed—you need to act in order to obtain strong results,” MH Cleckler writes in his revolutionary book, Stealing Prosperity’s Fire. We live in a world of cause and consequence. In a 100 percent commission life, if you are sluggish or ‘unmotivated,’ you’ll have poor results—often zero revenue… The goal is to remove the darkness from your subconscious so that you are no longer working in a primal/suffering, local condition, but instead in a prosperous/powerful one—a state centered comfortably on prosperity—an abundance of time, freedom, energy, health, love, and whatever else you value.

It’s just a question of being aware of what to look for and forming new routines to strengthen your brain muscles. Cleckler offers the readers the tools they need to make the necessary modifications, such as recognizing when to focus on the brake and when to concentrate on the accelerator alone.

Because they are based on essential scientific concepts, the techniques you acquire in Stealing Prosperity’s Fire are universally helpful. Other parts of your life work more smoothly once you understand how to be successful on a fundamental level. It’s pointless to be financially successful if you’re unhappy in every other aspect of your life. And this isn’t just about positive thinking—thoughts are simply the first step. Stealing Prosperity’s Fire shows you how to open up your life’s control panel and make all the necessary skillful tweaks to send you in the proper direction—the direction of your choice.

While learning a new talent requires time and effort, Stealing Prosperity’s Fire offers several strategies to expedite the process. Soon, your mind, body, senses, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs will be in sync, propelling you closer to the goal you set out to achieve. For every entrepreneur and salesperson, who wants to understand and control the annoying ups and downs of business to create a sustainable and thriving success, this book fully serves the purpose. Stealing Prosperity’s Fire is available on Amazon. Get your copy now!

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