The Steps Toward Success of Md Sameen Rahman

Your potential to succeed is infinite

It is believed that there is no failure; you either win or you learn. Successful people are not gifted; they are one’s who never give up. ‘Success’ is a very dynamic word. Many of you all want to conquer it, and just like everyone else, Md Sameen Rahman is not unusual. This young man grew up with a big dream of showcasing Bangladesh to other countries who still take Bangladesh as a poor economic model.


At the age of 20, Md Sameen Rahman has achieved a great deal by introducing an online-based skill-sharing platform named ‘Grow More’ for the youngsters. His idea was to help teenagers and adults cope with their financial problems or even make something extra during the hard times of the COVID-19 Pandemic. He is also a member of JCI Dhaka West and hopes of working for sustainable development goals. He believes if the country’s youth are led to work on key development areas like education and environmental and economically productive matters like science and technology, they can take the nation far ahead. His willingness to change in this world keeps him motivated never to give up and encourages everyone in the best ways.

Md Sameen Rahman influences the spectators to believe that one of the most important recipes of success is determination, and it might as well be the essential secret of success. According to his suggestion, while the current generation is full of promises, general people must also ensure that youngsters do not fall into the wrong path of life and cause destruction to their futures. Through his lifestyle, he also shows how the journey towards success can be very joyful, unlike what is taught in general that to be successful, we need to forget about comfort. Besides entrepreneurship, music is an integral part of his life. His skills in music composition and his adventurous personality depicts and reassures the audience how one does not need to leave comfort and happiness to be a successful individual. He teaches how one should work joyfully to make those dreams come true. Md Sameen Rahman Is an excellent inspiration for the new generation, guiding them towards the path of a successful life. In the real world, the word success holds a different concept to each individual, and it should be mandatory to define their idea of it instead of wanting to follow in someone else’s footsteps. Many significant figures have suggested various ways to achieve success over the years. Still, Md Sameen Rahman reveals that the secret is to follow your passion and never stop believing in yourself. Md Sameen Rahman also continues to define his conception of success to be living the life you promised yourself while, on the other hand, also inspiring people for the betterment, being a part of something bigger and adding some value to this world.

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