The Royal Rooftop Club Is Bringing Dubai’s Luxe and Grandeur to the Metaverse

The Royal Rooftop Club with its 2,775 Dubai Rich NFTs is gearing up for a spectacular launch this year. After behind-the-scenes development for a long time, the creators are ready to unveil their exclusive Dubai metaverse that’s reserved for ultra-high net worth individuals, artists, entrepreneurs, and other members of society who appreciate the finer things in life. The NFTs from this collection will serve as the key that unlocks access to the rich, unbounded meta realms for all holders.

In stark contrast to typical NFT collections, the Dubai Rich NFT collection is designed from the ground up to make a lasting impact on society. The project brings a diverse range of perks to the forefront, at the core of which sit the metaverse initiatives. From rooftop gatherings, car auctions, penthouses in the virtual skyscrapers, wild parties, royal watch auctions, meetings, and an entire assortment of other metaverse activities, members of this esteemed club will be privy to the finest delights of the metaverse. 

In other words, this NFT collection will have some of the most exquisite artwork, but it will also feature an abundance of utility and perks for all parties. 

Uplifting Members and Society at Large

The Royal Rooftop Club has solidified its commitment to members by pledging to reward them fairly through a raffle giveaway to all holders, regardless of the rarity or worth of their collectibles. The transparent raffles will take place in multiple rounds, with many prizes up for grabs, including 50 Oculus Quest VR headsets, first-class tickets to Dubai for 2 plus $100,000, and a Mercedes G-Wagon in the color of the winner’s choice or $200,000. To keep the event fair, there will be a limit of one win. 

Furthermore, the metaverse will empower creatives of all types, ranging from vocalists, musicians, and DJs to venues and management groups. This initiative will take shape in the form of music concerts and exhilarating events, the terms and conditions of which will be mutually agreed upon by all stakeholders, including the creatives. There are already partnerships in place with two renowned artists that will be revealed later. 

For artists who prefer the medium of visual expression, they too will have opportunities in this grand new world. The Royal Rooftop Club team is open to ideas from aspiring NFT artists and will throw its resources behind promising artists and their creations if they meet the level of excellence this club will be known for. 

However, members of this exclusive club are not the only ones to share in the spoils of its success. The creators have pledged to donate 100% royalty proceeds from the auction of an exclusive and rare NFT to the Noor Dubai Foundation & International Animal Rescue. Staying true to its value of transparency, the creators will share proof of this donation with the public

Envisioning a future with fair opportunities for all

Dubai and its billionaires’ love for single-digit number plates is known far and wide. It’s a symbol of status and success that’s utterly unparalleled in scale, impact, and prestige. For instance, Balwinder Sahni ‘Abu Sabah’ famously bid aggressively in a fierce bidding war for the special number plate 5. In the end, it cost him $9 million to acquire that prestigious number. 

The Royal Rooftop Club is reimagining the concept of exclusive number plates through its spirit animal “Cheetah” holding a number plate of its own. However, to present equal opportunities for all entrepreneurs, investors, creatives, and other members, the Royal Rooftop Club will auction all NFT numbers at the exact same mint price. Whether someone gets to mint NFT 1 or NFT 250, they will pay the same price on the original mint and can sell them for a premium on a secondary market like OpenSea later. 

About Royal Rooftop Club

Royal Rooftop Club is capturing the luxury and grandeur of Dubai through its Dubai metaverse. Interested parties can enter this world through the acquisition of one of the 2,775 exquisite NFTs, which offer 101 DOUBLE AGENT traits, growing utilities, endless rewards, and a chance to mingle with some of the most prestigious members of society. The creators behind this project come from diverse backgrounds but stand united in their passion for bringing the Dubai metaverse to a global audience through this NFT collection. 





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