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The Ancient Greeks had a myth about one of their legends, Prometheus, stealing fire from Olympus in order to aid his creation, humanity. Humans were able to establish civilization with fire, which marked the beginning of wealth. This act of Prometheus had inspired thinking or planning ahead of time. We all know that being proactive is a good idea, but the thought comes before action. And therein is the key to attaining your own personal wealth. You will discover the next level of “stealing fire” in this book—the fire of your prosperity.

Humans have discussed cause and effect in motivational circles for over a century. It’s relatively straightforward. We know that taking action yields results. However, there are moments when we do not ‘feel’ like it. Even though we know it would make us feel better, we don’t feel like working out. We don’t feel like attending a meeting or calling particular clients, despite knowing that it would help our business. So, why is this happening? Why don’t we just ‘feel’ it? In the end, it all comes down to the attitudes and beliefs we’ve had since infancy. 

MH Cleckler, the author of this book, discovered that most individuals feel like they aren’t as far along as they should be and that they are frustrated and weary of being a one-man army. Sometimes all we want is for the merry-go-round to come to a complete stop so we can catch our breath. We make the error of chasing the latest shiny object. When we are not executing on the techniques we already know, we search for a trick or gimmick to get ahead. Finally, you must comprehend why you ‘feel’ the way you do and take command of the route to success if you are to master the fire of prosperity.

This book, “Stealing Prosperity’s Fire: Pathway to Victory,” is for our world’s salespeople and entrepreneurs who frequently feel as if they are hunting for wealth in the dark. The struggle and dissatisfaction are palpable. The room is dimly lit. It’s disheartening. Those who have embarked on this path have realized that leaving the security (and monotony) of a 9-to-5 job is not as glamorous or straightforward as the general public believes. It’s frequently a never-ending, perplexing slog, punctuated by tears, disappointments, and suffering, as well as the occasional delight, happiness, and accomplishment. The author acknowledges what goes on with these brave folks. To this quest, he has dedicated his life and composed Stealing Prosperity’s Fire: Pathway to Victory.

This book is ideal for any entrepreneur or salesman who wants to understand and handle the ups and downs of business in order to achieve long-term and flourishing success. Amazon has a copy of Stealing Prosperity’s Fire. Now is the time to order your copy!

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