The Restarting Events Industry Turns to Staffing Platforms to Combat Lack of Workers

Event planners feel the heat from the labor shortages that are still plaguing the post Covid business world. As we end the restrictions that the nation has been under for the last two years, the event planning industry is booming. Weddings that had been postponed are now going ahead full steam. People are ready to get back to their lives and see those they’ve missed for the duration of the pandemic. However, the event planners and catering companies are struggling to find the exact service industry workers they have in the past. There are multiple reasons for this shortage. One of them is that people spent those two years bettering themselves and have moved on to a different industry. Event planners have found one solution to this problem is to enlist the help of a qualified staffing agency.

Staffing agencies or recruitment companies are a kind of broker between the team member and the employer. Often the recruitment company directly hires these employees. Therefore, a business can pay directly to the agency rather than dealing with the new hire paperwork, including traditional tax forms.

Staffing platform Upshift offer a connection to qualified candidates in industries they work in, including the event and foodservice industry. They, however, don’t just hire everyone who applies. In fact, they have a less than 15% approval percentage for those who do apply. This is because they don’t want to just have bodies to fill timeslots.

β€œThe objective is to have a highly qualified and experienced workforce available. Accepting only applicants who have experience in their field of expertise ensures businesses get the best team member possible, even if it is only for one shift.” – Said a spokesperson from the Upshift platform.

This is critical for event planners and foodservice companies like caterers who work on these events. These companies are being pushed to the limit to try and keep these events on track amid supply chain issues and severe labor shortages. For businesses to survive these problems having a reliable staff is critical.

β€œReliability is absolutely key. Booking someone to come out for an event and having a no-show can cause major problems for events like weddings or parties. Suppose a serving staff is only 10 people for a party. In that case, one person not showing up can be a disaster,” – The spokesperson added.

Staffing platforms are a wonderful way to see if a business needs to add another full-time or part-time team member to their regular staff. Even that can be handled through an agency by talking to them about their conversion to full-or part-time staffing options.

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Upshift is a recruitment service and staffing platform in Indianapolis. They connect employees who want to work with employers searching for solutions. They have employees from a wide range of industries, including food services, events, manufacturing, and distribution, just to name a few. They put the recruits through an extensive application process to ensure companies get the most efficient and effective employees.

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